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How parties and Politicians Can Use Cloud Telephony For Better Campaigning

How Parties and Politicians Can Use Cloud Telephony for Better Campaigning?

The COVID-19 pandemic has transformed the way businesses operate, yes. They have adopted remote work and implemented several state-of-the-art technologies to emerge from this pandemic successfully.  Apart from businesses, however, other entities are also striving to overcome challenges imposed by the pandemic. With elections around the corner, how do political parties gear up for campaigning […]

Features To Look Forward While Choosing UCaaS Providers

5 Features to Look Forward to While Choosing Your UCaaS Providers

Technology keeps evolving and so do the requirements to stay on par with it. At times, you may outgrow your technological capabilities and need more resources.  For example, your small business may have functioned exemplarily on a traditional communication system. However, the need for a unified communication platform arises as your workforce grows along with […]

7 Benefits of Softphones

7 Benefits of Softphones

Consider this: a customer repeatedly tries to contact a business representative, only to find that they are unavailable. This customer, a UK resident, has been trying to reach an agent in Los Angeles. Owing to the difference in time zones, the representative is unable to attend to the customer.  Although the brand has maintained a […]

How Free Phone Number is Secure?

How Free Phone Number Is Secure?

Undeniably, the current business scenario would come to a complete standstill if it wasn’t for the telephones. Phone lines have widespread uses that include connecting your employees, knitting your target audience with your brand, and vice versa.  This being the situation, your business would take a back seat if you were to overlook phone lines. […]