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The ABCs of SIP: What Is It And What Are Its Benefits

SIP, or Session Initiation Protocol, can open up your business to a world of new opportunities and possibilities. If you have a traditional PBX system and are looking for ways to save money then SIP is a natural first step into the world of VoIP.  The technology allows you to enjoy the benefits and security […]

Reimagining The Post-Pandemic World With An Inbound Call Centre Software

The pandemic has pushed businesses into a tough fight for survival. In a scenario that includes challenges like maintaining minimum to zero contact, organisations have been finding it difficult to keep their business up and running.  Though several organisations have switched over to a remote working environment, there are a few sectors where businesses are […]

Tips To Reduce Abandoned Calls In Your Call Centre

When customers drop a call while waiting to get connected to an agent, that call is considered as an abandoned call. Whatever may be the reason, abandoned calls leave a negative impact. A higher rate of abandoned calls means a greater number of dissatisfied customers. The rate of abandoned calls is an important performance indicator, […]

Here’s Why Outbound Contact Centre Solutions Are Exactly What Your Business Needs

They say: “Don’t fix it if it ain’t broke.” Taking a reactive approach, when it comes to customer service, is one of the biggest mistakes that companies make. Companies have, for long, lived with the notion that customer service is essentially the process of responding or reacting to a customer’s requests. However, this couldn’t be […]

How SMS APIs Help Startups Enhance Their Customer Experience?

In the present-day world, ways to reach out to a customer are aplenty. They’re also over-exploited. With the mass of marketing information being exchanged every day, emails have begun to lose their impact. Traditional routes such as calls, too, don’t always help smaller startups reach their target audience. What is one to do, then? Integrate […]

7 Smart Ways To Scale Up Your Business Effectively

Scaling up a business is challenging—even more than starting up a new one. While exploring new markets and augmenting global presence are a few ways to grow a business, entrepreneurs often hesitate while taking the plunge into scalability. We get it–scaling a business is not a cakewalk. One has to take several risks and learn […]

VoIP versus UCaaS: The Ultimate Breakdown

Modern businesses require modern solutions. That’s why companies these days search high and low to find the perfect service to fit their needs. If you’re one of these organisations, you’ve indubitably come across different terms like VoIP and UCaaS; both are praised for their high-benefit, low-cost nature. So how do you make the choice? Considering […]

Why SIP Trunking is the Shortcut to a Successful SME

Now you can go global even from your backyard. Irrespective of your business scale, SIP trunks allow you to network like a pro. You can establish a local presence and rope in an international clientele with this simple service in place. With a wide range of exciting benefits, SIP networks can transform your traditional phone […]

What Will Customer Service Look Like In 2025?

Five years doesn’t sound that far away, but it is a long time in terms of customer service. If we think back to 2015, online customer service wasn’t as prevalent as it is today, and physical premises were still very popular.  Social media had its place in customer service, but brands did not expect customers […]