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5 Benefits of Integrating Customer Support Suite With Business Phone System

Your customer support suite and business phone system should seamlessly work together to help your agents deliver impeccable customer service. If, instead, they work independently, then you could be missing out on amazing benefits and features. You may lose out an opportunity for taking your customer service, and your business itself, to the next level. […]

Retain Your Customers Using Cloud Communication Solutions

Your sales department knows how hard it is to convert potential buyers into actual customers. Losing a business prospect is detrimental to business growth. However, losing a loyal customer is a crippling mistake that could essentially stagnate your business expansion.  According to the book Marketing Metrics, the success rate of selling to a new customer […]

All You Need To Know About Call Routing

Keep the customer experience up and running even when you aren’t available by smartly routing calls to the most relevant agent. Call routing is a brilliant feature that comes complimentary with your hosted phone system. It gives you the opportunity to make sure each call goes to the best-qualified department or agent. Additionally, this simple […]

Why Is Call Forwarding One Of The Most Important Features of Cloud Based Phone System?

You don’t need to be a business tycoon to know that communication is the key to a successful business. Even core functions like management and operations need a strong communication system to perform well. Such efficiency ensures a smooth flow of information within and between different departments of an organisation. When we say communication, we […]