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VoIP Services To Improve Team Performance

Use VoIP Services To Improve Your Team Performance

If you want a high performing workforce, you need to equip your staff with all the tools they need to succeed. An empowered team is a happy and productive team, and, therefore, boosting staff morale is important for maintaining a good work culture.  This is where VoIP services come in handy. Hosted phone systems allow […]

All About Call Conferencing Feature

All You Need to Know About Call Conferencing Feature

In the age of the internet, connectivity is everything. For those working remotely, it even becomes a necessity. Businesses need to ensure that their staff, from all corners of the world, can collaborate and work as a team.  Here, comes call conferencing. As a power-packed feature of a hosted phone system, it allows you to […]

Must Have Call Center Features

Must-Have Features of Call Centre Phone System

Call centres have emerged as a key touchpoint for businesses. They establish contact with customers, understand their demands, and offer quick and efficient solutions.  Though a typical call centre set-up reminds us of call queues, frustrated customers, and agents on multiple phone lines, the current scenario has become increasingly streamlined. Backed by cloud-based VoIP systems, […]