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How Cloud Storage Ensures Data Security

What is Cloud Storage and How Does It Ensure Data Security

Several businesses are now choosing to store their data on the cloud. Cloud offers a safe and secure way to keep your data without losing out on the physical space in your…
How Can a Digital Assistant Make Accountants' Lives Easier

How Can a Digital Assistant Make Accountants' Lives Easier?

An accountant’s life is busy from dealing with clients’ finances to onboarding new clients. Accountants rarely have a quiet day, and then, particularly during key financial…
The Why and How of Customer and Employee Reviews

Feedback is King: The Why and How of Customer and Employee Reviews

There’s a saying that goes: you can’t clap with one hand.  A business doesn’t exist in silos. It involves people on either side of the graph—supply and demand,…
Acefone Pipedrive Integration

Acefone + Pipedrive Integration: What it Brings to the Table

Laser-focused. The kind of approach that customer interactions require in a highly competitive landscape. Today, every organisation ensures a sophisticated experience for…
What is Blockchain Technology

What Is Blockchain Technology? How is it Used Across Different Industries?

Technological innovations have enabled businesses to break through the barriers of cyber threats, data security, and authenticity. One such ground-breaking invention is—blockchain…
8 Tips To Start Your Own Dream Business

Starting a Business Venture in 2021? Here Are the Top 8 Tips You Must Know Before the Launch of Your Dream Business

The year 2020 had its own share of ups and downs.  With stringent restrictions on free movement, zero socialising, and major upheaval in the economy, it was a year full…