Remote working is a common practice in organisations and it is more important than ever during the COVID-19 pandemic. Here are a few blogs that will help business work efficiently while working remotely.

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4 Must Have Applications While Your Team Is Working Remotely

At Acefone, we understand that working from home can be difficult when your staff are used to the office environment. There are lots of different issues to navigate with…

How You Can Still Benefit From an 0800/0808 Number While Working From Home

Even when working from home, you can still benefit from an 0800 or an 0808 number. With the technical capabilities of a hosted phone system, customers can call your 0800…

4 Tips For Call Centre Managers During Work From Home

With a hosted phone system, managing a call centre from home is easier than ever before. Working remotely may be completely new for some call centre managers and may take…

5 Best Practices For Contact Centre Agents While Working Remotely

Remote working can be tricky for businesses who are not used to working in this way, with agents not being in the same room as you, how will you ensure they are giving the…

Importance of Efficient Communication Between Employees During Work From Home

Many employees are working from home and this could be a completely new experience for them, so it is more important than ever to keep the lines of communication open for…
how-hosted-phone-solutions helps-maintain-productivity-during-coronavirus

How Hosted Phone Solutions Can Help You Maintain Productivity During Outbreaks like Coronavirus

Coronavirus has wreaked havoc on the business world, but your business can still remain just as productive with the right equipment. Some businesses have unfortunately…