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Powerful Customer Engagement Strategy

How to Build a Powerful Customer Engagement Strategy For Improving the Overall Brand Experience?

Did you know: 95% of customers today seek proactive communication from the companies they do business with? Buyers want to interact with you in a convenient, effective…
Why Data Privacy Matters to Your Business

Data Privacy: Why It Matters for Your Consumers, Your Business, and Your Brand

Most casual users of the Internet and social media are increasingly concerned about protecting their personal data and privacy.  There are news stories abound on data…
How to Improve Verbal Communication Skills

How to Improve Verbal Communication Skills

"Good communication is the bridge between confusion and reality." This quote by Nat Turner perfectly sums up the importance of communication in today’s world.  Communication…
How to Create Prime Day Hype with Cloud Communications

How your Business can Launch their ‘Prime Day’ with Cloud Communications

Everyone knows about Prime Day, and how the company builds it up and even how much the customers anticipate it. Large businesses like Amazon have big budgets and marketing…
How Cloud Storage Ensures Data Security

What is Cloud Storage and How Does It Ensure Data Security

Several businesses are now choosing to store their data on the cloud. Cloud offers a safe and secure way to keep your data without losing out on the physical space in your…
How Can a Digital Assistant Make Accountants' Lives Easier

How Can a Digital Assistant Make Accountants' Lives Easier?

An accountant’s life is busy from dealing with clients’ finances to onboarding new clients. Accountants rarely have a quiet day, and then, particularly during key financial…