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Tips For Customer Retention

5 Tips To Retain Customers During A Global Crisis

Let’s begin with an example: Suppose there is a bucket with several holes in its base and walls. A hose is put into the bucket to fill it with water. Since the bucket…
Future Proof Your Business With Cloud Communication

This Isn’t The Last Pandemic, Futureproof Your Business Using Cloud Communication

Change doesn’t knock on the door, it barges in. This COVID-19 pandemic has clearly illustrated the need for businesses to prepare ahead for all unforeseen disasters.  The…
Managers Ensure Better Work Life Balance For Employees

How Can Managers Ensure Better Work-Life Balance For Employees

Striking the right balance between personal and professional life is a huge challenge. With office schedules busier than ever, it’s vital to effectively juggle between professional…
Things Successful Call Center Managers Do

5 Simple Things Successful Call Centre Managers Do Every Day

Call centre managers have varied and fast-paced jobs. They need to be able to think on their feet and be adaptable at all times. Successful call centre managers should take…
Create Effective Business Continuity Plans

How To Create An Effective Business Continuity Plan?

In 2005, Hurricane Katrina suddenly and strongly swept through American states, damaging everything in its course. Among the businesses affected was the law firm, Breazeale…