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Hosting A GIG What It Used To be

Hosting A GIG Isn’t What It Used To Be. It’s Online Now!

The show must go on! We’ve all heard that statement at least once in our lives. However, when CoVID-19 hit the world, it seemed to no longer hold true––after all, everything…
Contact Centre After Five years

How Will The Contact Centre Work After Five Years?

Contact centres are essential for businesses because they bridge the gap between organisations and customers. And they have evolved tremendously—from stand-alone operational…
Video Customer Engagement Revamping Contact Centre

How Is Video Customer Engagement Revamping Contact Centres?

Contact centres have run largely the same way for years. However, the COVID-19 crisis forced them to change the way they operate almost overnight. Managers had to implement…
Go Green With Cloud Communications

Earth Calling: Befriend The Climate With Cloud Communications

We have one earth and one chance to do it right.  Undeniably, nature gave us resources aplenty to sustain life. But with rampant misuse and destruction of our home planet,…
Guide To Calling US To UK

Connecting Across The Atlantic: A Guide To Calling US From The UK

Many businesses in the United Kingdom work closely with organisations in the US, being two of the most influential Western powers. If your business is frequently calling the…
Deliver Differentiated Customer Experience With Video Contact Centre

Ways To Deliver Differentiated Customer Experience With Video Contact Centre

The world is going through an unexpected crisis that demands minimal human contact. Businesses have left no stone unturned to survive and emerge successfully from this battle.…