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Evaluate and Improve Your Call Centre Services

4 Key Points To Use As Reference To Evaluate And Improve Your Contact Centre Services

No one starts their day with the thought of spending 30 minutes to an hour on the phone, waiting to reach a support agent who can resolve their issues. However, the customer…
Tips To Reduce Abandoned Calls in Your Call Centre

Tips To Reduce Abandoned Calls In Your Call Centre

When customers drop a call while waiting to get connected to an agent, that call is considered as an abandoned call. Whatever may be the reason, abandoned calls leave a negative…
Improve Operational Efficiency In Your Call Centre

7 Guaranteed Tips To Improve Operational Efficiency In Your Call Centre

Customers are the priority for every business. Therefore, call centres—the first point of contact between your company and consumers—are an integral part of business operations.  Increased…
SMS API Help Startup To Improve Customer Experience

How SMS APIs Help Startups Enhance Their Customer Experience?

In the present-day world, ways to reach out to a customer are aplenty. They’re also over-exploited. With the mass of marketing information being exchanged every day,…
Do More With Acefone's Cloud Phone System

Do More With Acefone’s Cloud Phone System: Here’s How

The way we do business is changing. Gone are the days when staff members were expected to remain rooted to their desks in the office, cold calling; now clients and employees…
On-Premise vs Cloud Contact Centre

On-Premise Contact Centre Vs Cloud Contact Centre—Here’s What Works Best For You

In recent times, business flexibility has become more vital than ever. The rapid, overnight changes in the scale, functionality and quality of work is a tough pill to swallow.…