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Seamless communication stands as the key to effective customer services, and 0300 numbers emerge as their unsung heroes in the UK. They have been quietly revolutionizing how businesses and organizations connect with their audiences across the United Kingdom. 

Enter the world of 0300 numbers—the conduit of cost-effective, accessible communication fostering robust customer relations. 

With this blog we’ll be discussing what 0300 numbers are, how much 0300 numbers cost, are 0300 numbers free to call, and how you can get a 0300 number for your business. 

What are 0300 numbers?

0300 numbers are a specific range of non-geographic numbers used mainly by public sector bodies, charities, and non-profit organizations. They are cost-effective and accessible means of communication for entities prioritizing community engagement and customer service.

0300 numbers in the UK cover a specific range within the larger spectrum of business phone numbers with prefixes falling between 0300 and 0399. Some of the popular prefix codes used around the UK are 0333, 0344, 0345 etc.  

This unique range distinguishes them from traditional geographic (area-specific) numbers and other non-geographic numbers. It marks them as dedicated numbers for specific purposes, primarily catering to public sector bodies, charities, and non-profit organizations. 

Are 0300 numbers free to call? 

0300 numbers are often included in inclusive minutes for all UK callers; however, they aren’t always free because they’re not freephone numbers. These numbers aren’t designed to generate revenue for organizations, rather, offer a fair and standardized cost for callers, providing access without imposing high charges.

P.S- If you’re looking for business phone numbers that are free to call for your customers, head over to our Toll Free Number page to deliver valuable services to your customers today. 

Who uses 0300 numbers?


As mentioned above, the organizations that use 0300 numbers primarily are public sector bodies, charities and non-profit organizations. Let’s look into these sectors one by one:  

Public Sector Entities

  1. Local Government Offices:

    These organizations use 0300 numbers for citizen services, handling enquiries for various public services like waste management, tax, and social activities. 

  2. Healthcare Services:

    NHS helplines and appointment booking services use 0300 numbers for medical advice and healthcare appointments. 

Charities and Non-Profit Organizations 

  1. Fundraising Initiatives:

    Charities widely use 0300 numbers for donation hotlines, enabling supporters to contribute or enquire about their cause without incurring high call charges. 

  2. Support Services:

    Organizations providing assistance, such as mental health support or community aid, use 0300 numbers for their services. 

Other Service-Oriented Businesses 

  1. Housing Associations:

    Housing associations often use 0300 numbers to streamline tenant inquiries, rent payments, and reporting maintenance concerns.

  2. Educational Institutions:

    Some universities and educational bodies also use 0300 numbers to facilitate student queries, admissions, and general information services. 

How much do 0300 numbers cost? 

If you wish to know how much 0300 numbers cost, you can look it up on the UK’s Ofcom website. Despite the information mentioned on the website, service providers offer different pricing plans. While the actual cost can vary based on the package chosen and specific requirements, here are some of the factors that determine the cost of 0300 numbers: 

  1. Setup Fees: Some service providers might charge a setup fee for acquiring and configuring 0300 numbers, depending on the services included in the package. 
  1. Monthly Subscription: Monthly subscription charges can vary depending on the provider and the features bundled with your 0300 number service. 
  1. Per-Minute Costs: Some providers may also charge a per-minute rate for incoming calls. 

How to get 0300 numbers for my UK business? 

To get 0300 numbers for your UK business is a straightforward process. Here’s how you can do it: 

Choose a Provider 

Select a 0300 number service provider suitable for your business needs. They can offer various packages tailored to different call volumes and services. 

Registration and Setup 

Register with your chosen 0300 number provider and follow their setup process. This typically involves providing necessary business details and preferences for your 0300 number. 


Once registered, the provider will assist in configuring your 0300 number for your business requirements. This may involve call routing, voicemail setup, and other customization options. 


Once the setup is complete, your 0300 number will be activated and be ready to use, allowing customers to reach your business conveniently.  


0300 numbers, used mainly by public bodies and charities, offer affordable and accessible communication in the UK. They cater to diverse sectors, and while not always free, they’re included in most call plans for callers. Their costs vary based on providers, including setup fees and monthly subscriptions. Acquiring these numbers involves choosing a provider, registering, customizing, and activating—streamlining connectivity for UK businesses and fostering robust customer relations.

If you wish to get 0300 numbers for your business today, give us a call at 1800-120-3100 or mail us at [email protected].

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