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Does a Customisable Inbound Contact Centre Unlock Smooth Customer Journey

Businesses are always vying for the top spot. In such a competitive landscape, the quality of customer service they provide becomes a huge differentiator. Delivered with empathy, care, and concern, customer care becomes cardinal in customer acquisition and retention.

Given the variety of communication channels through which clients can reach you, it’s important to offer consistent yet customised services across these channels. 

That said, offering tailor-made services is not a cakewalk. Analysing customers’ needs and wants requires expertise. 

To get these insights, you need to have a lot of customer data in-store. This data should be coupled with careful application of analytical processing competencies, marketing expertise, and technical know-how. 

What is a customisable inbound contact center?

Providing customised services is indeed a considerable feat. Though several brands boast of being pioneers in delivering tailor-made solutions, their customers might think differently.

Customised inbound contact center services demand a thorough understanding of the target audience, and their shifting needs and preferences. Your personalised services should be able to convert one-time buyers to loyal and repeat customers. 

Check out how customisable inbound contact centers help craft a smooth customer journey.

1. Facilitate faster customer service

Having inbound contact centers equipped with data allows you to offer customised services, ultimately reflecting that you have a deep understanding of your target audience. You recognise their needs and preferences and are aware of their purchase patterns.

This information will help your agents understand the context and history behind a customer’s query, thereby allowing them to solve it faster and in a more efficient manner.   

2. Provide a competitive advantage 

When you are backed by critical customer data and intuitive insights about buyer personas, it helps you earn a competitive edge by showcasing your brand as a better service provider than your competitors. 

Moreover, customer-centric strategies like chats, email support, and live agent calls further add a feather to your cap.

3. Equip you to meet customer expectations

Your clientele will have varying requirements and expect businesses to satisfy their needs at supersonic speeds. Not having an immediate understanding of what a caller needs can result in the loss of a prospect.

Building buyer personas based on individual client data will support your contact care representatives in handling customers and meeting their expectations better.

4. Help nurture customer loyalty

According to a 2017 report by Segment, 71% of customers feel frustrated when their experience with a brand is impersonal.

A loyal customer is your strongest marketer. Not only does a happy customer come back to you for more of your products and services, but they also endorse and refer your brand to their connections, thereby helping you reach out to a wider set of audience. 

Therefore, you should not only focus on merely meeting customers’ expectations but also on converting them to loyal clients.

5. Constantly improve and refine your contact center

When your team members focus on accumulating customer data and deriving insights from them, they begin to understand the nuances of customer personas. They work to build interactive analytics to support strategies. This ongoing process helps you improve and paves the way for your sustainable growth.

Furthermore, tracking customer data and analysing buying trends not only enhances the quality of your customer interactions but also boosts the competency of your representatives. As a result, you witness more conversions and grow your business.

6. Support omnichannel service

Being present on several communication channels has become the norm. You need to ensure that all these channels are synchronised and offer consistent quality services. 

For example, a customer may opt to visit your website to redeem a coupon before making a purchase or visit you in-store to know more about your products before purchasing them in-app. Leave no stone unturned to deliver a consistent brand message across all these channels.

7. The right balance between automation and live agents

At times, customers are in a hurry and don’t want to wait to be connected to a live agent. They’d rather clarify their doubts through an automated service or website information. 

On the other hand, they may raise a complaint that needs to be escalated beyond AI, and request to speak to a live agent. This transfer of call should be fast and frictionless.

With a customised customer service framework in place, you are in a better position to anticipate these changing preferences that support seamless customer experiences.

Wrapping Up

Offering services to customers based on their specific requirements leaves them feeling valued. This results in happy and returning customers. When you lay the foundation for a customisable inbound contact center, you undoubtedly back smoother customer journeys. 

Hopefully, these points can help you deliver faster and better customer service, and reiterate the importance of personalisation in your business practices. 

Call our expert team at 1800-120-3100 or email [email protected] for more information about adapting effective inbound call center solutions. 

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