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Unified Communication as a Service or Cloud Based Private Branch Exchange?   

This question has been floating amongst businesses while choosing a communication solution for the organisation.   

Cloud based PBX and UCaaS solutions are often used as communication systems in small and large businesses.   

Due to the increased popularity of customer-centric operations, many business owners must make better choices for their companies.   

Effective communication between you and your customer is essential for your business to grow and profit. Therefore, finding the right cloud based communication solution that fits your organisation’s requirements is crucial. It should also make it easier for managers and agents to provide exceptional service to customers. 

Becoming aware of Cloud Based PBX and UCaaS solutions is vital for choosing between the two for your business. 

Understanding Cloud Based PBX

A Cloud based PBX aka hosted PBX phone system is a cloud-based solution that uses VoIP technology. It allows seamless communication without any on-premises hardware or IT-related hassles.   

Additionally, the cloud based PBX comes with several features that VoIP offers to make communication between customers and business representatives seamless.   

Exploring Unified Communication as a Service (UCaaS)

UCaaS is also a cloud based service that integrates all business communication channels into a single platform. According to Forbes, there are five primary components that make up UCaaS:  

  1. Voice 
  2. Video 
  3. Messaging 
  4. Collaboration 
  5. Cloud 

UCaaS enables agents and managers to handle customers and teams effortlessly, while using a single platform. 

Now that we’ve gained some insight into UCaaS and cloud based PBX, let’s explore their features and functionalities. These features and their corresponding functionalities will help you determine which cloud based phone service will enhance your business communication.   

UCaaS vs Cloud Based PBX: What They Offer Your Business?

Cloud technology has become an increasingly popular and reliable platform for business requirements. Unified Communication as a Service and cloud based PBX are cloud-based communication solutions. They operate entirely online, saving businesses tons of IT hassle and expenses.  

A Hosted PBX phone system enables businesses to interact with customers and streamline the customer journey for a smooth experience. The Cloud based PBX uses the internet as a medium to manage voice calls. Some of the popular features that a hosted phone PBX system also offers your business are mentioned as follows:    

  1. Call Recording   
  2. Call Transfer   
  3. Music On Hold   
  4. Voice Recognition   
  5. Call History   
  6. Interactive Voice Response (IVR)   
  7. Real-time Reporting   
  8. Call Alerts   
  9. Caller ID   
  10. Call Flipping 

The right combination and use of these cloud-based features ensure that your customers receive quality services.   

UCaaS also offers your business a variety of features, regardless of your cloud phone service provider. UCaaS offers text-based communication options, video conferencing, voice calling and much more for your business. It is easier for agents to stay connected with customers on their preferred communication channel. Let’s checkout some of the most common features in the UCaaS landscape. 

  1. Voice Calling
  2. Video Conferencing
  3. Text Messaging
  4. File Sharing & Collaboration
  5. Team Collaboration Spaces
  6. Virtual Receptionist/ Auto Attendant
  7. CRM Integration
  8. Video Voicemail

Choosing The Right Cloud Based Solution For Your Business 

As you can see, UCaaS and Cloud based PBX offer come common features for business communication. Therefore, to determine which is the best communication solution, you must consider your business size, communication needs, and growth projections.  

Enterprises handling multichannel communications may benefit most from UCaaS. At the same time, small to mid-sized businesses focused on voice interactions may find Cloud Based PBX more suitable. Cloud based solutions offer accessibility from anywhere with internet connectivity, ensuring operational continuity and easy scalability.    

Summing Up   

The UCaaS and Cloud based PBX streamline the business communication operations and improve productivity while ensuring higher customer satisfaction. If you’re an enterprise owner with customers reaching out to your business across multiple communication channels, UCaaS is the obvious choice. They will allow you to communicate across various channels promptly and efficiently.  

On the other hand, if you own a small or mid-sized business with agents handling inbound and outbound calls, a Hosted PBX phone system is the perfect fit. When compared, the cloud based PBX is a cost-effective solution for budding businesses than UCaaS. 

Do you wish to learn in-depth about our cloud telephony services (cloud based PBX)? Call our experts at 1800-121-7777, available 24/7. 

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