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0345 numbers have emerged as a popular calling medium for enterprises, financial institutions, and government bodies in the UK. If you’re a mid-to-large size business in the UK, you might have encountered these numbers while searching for efficient communication solutions.  

But what are 0345 numbers, and are they free? 

Let’s delve into this intriguing realm to uncover the truth. 

What is a 0345 Number? 

A 0345 number is a non-geographic phone number category designated by Ofcom, UK’s telecommunications regulator. Unlike traditional landline numbers with specific area codes, 0345 numbers don’t reveal the physical location of your business. As a result, this nature of the 0345 numbers offers several advantages: 

UK Wide Presence 

A 0345 number allows customers across the UK to reach your business easily, regardless of their location. It benefits businesses with a nationwide reach or those looking to expand. 

Flexibility and Scalability 

By getting 0345 numbers for your business, you needn’t worry about acquiring new phone numbers with different area codes. A 0345 number can serve as your central point of contact, simplifying call routing and enhancing brand consistency. 

Improved Customer Experience  

By offering a consistent and memorable contact number, you can create a professional image and elevate customer experience for your clients.  

Which Companies Use 0345 Numbers? 

The versatility of 0345 numbers makes them suitable for a wide range of businesses across various sectors. Here are some examples: 

Large corporations 

National UK companies with a distributed workforce can use 0345 numbers to centralize customer queries. Businesses can streamline their call routing processes, ensuring customers reach the appropriate department efficiently. 

Government agencies 

Many government bodies leverage 0345 numbers for public enquiries and helplines. This provides a consistent and easy-to-remember contact point for citizens seeking government services. 

Financial institutions 

Entities like banks, insurance companies, and financial institutions often use 0345 numbers for smooth customer support services. 0345 numbers enable such institutes to reinforce trust and professionalism when dealing with sensitive financial matters. 


Many utility providers like gas and electricity companies frequently use 0345 numbers for customer service and account management. These numbers ensure customers have a centralized contact point for enquiries, meter readings, or troubleshooting issues. 

How Much Does a 0345 Number Cost? 

A 0345 number’s cost varies depending on the service provider you choose. At Acefone, you can get a 0345 number for your business for as low as £4.99. Alongside our 0345 numbers, you get access to a pool of 50+ cloud-based features to make your calling experience unforgettable. 

Are 0345 Numbers Free to Call from Mobile? 

While not entirely free, 0345 number costs are generally considered very cost-effective for mobile callers. The call cost of a 0345 number typically falls within the same price band as calling a standard landline (01 or 02 numbers). 

Many mobile phone network providers in the UK include calls to 0345 numbers within their bundled minute allowances. Despite that, we recommend you check your specific mobile plan to confirm if 0345 number calls are included. This transparency helps you avoid any potential hidden costs passed on to your customers and maintain customer satisfaction levels. 

Are 0345 Numbers Free to Call from Landline? 

Similar to mobile calls, calling a 0345 number from a landline depends on your phone plan. In most cases, calling a 0345 number from a landline will be charged at the same rate as a call to a standard landline (01 or 02 number).  

Again, we advise users to consult their landline service provider’s call charges for clarification. By understanding these costs, you can effectively manage your budget and avoid any unexpected charges associated with your business phone number. 

Does Your Business Need a 0345 Number? 

Whether a 0345 number is the right fit for your business depends on your specific needs and target audience. Here are some factors to consider: 

National reach 

If your business caters to customers across the UK, a 0345 number can project a professional and accessible image, regardless of their location. It eliminates the need for multiple local numbers, simplifying your communication channels. 

Call costs for customers 

While generally cost-effective, ensure the call charges for your customers align with your brand’s value proposition. If affordability is a key selling point, offering a freephone number (0800) might be a better option. 

Branding and memorability 

A 0345 number can contribute to a consistent brand image across your marketing materials. The ease of remembering a single number simplifies customer communication and fosters brand recall. 

Existing infrastructure 

If you already have a well-established landline number with a strong local reputation, transitioning to a 0345 number might require additional customer outreach to ensure a smooth switch. 

The Takeaway 

0345 numbers offer a compelling option for businesses seeking to establish a national presence and streamline customer communication. The cost-effectiveness for both mobile and landline callers make them a practical choice. However, it’s crucial to consider your target audience and overall brand strategy before making the switch. 

0345 numbers are not free to call, but the cost typically falls within the same range as calling a standard landline (01 or 02 number). 

Mobile phone network providers often include calls to 0345 numbers within bundled minute allowances. 

For landlines, call charges depend on your specific phone plan. 

Opt for a 0345 number if you prioritize national reach, affordability for your customers, and brand consistency. 

By carefully evaluating your business needs and target audience, you can determine if a 0345 number is the right fit for your communication strategy. If you have further questions or require assistance choosing the most suitable phone number solution for your company, don’t hesitate to consult with a reputable telecom provider. 

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