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The COVID-19 pandemic is negatively impacting a lot of businesses around the globe.

As work from home is being implemented, most businesses have switched to cloud-based solutions to ensure uninterrupted work process.

As for the marketing campaigns of your business, it is still possible to reach out to your customers and boost your business’ productivity.

A Free Phone Number is an excellent addition to your marketing campaign. This is because the free phone number is a cloud-hosted VoIP service that requires no hardware to operate.

Here are a few ways how you can boost your business’s marketing campaigns using a free phone number like 0800 and 0808 even during a pandemic.

Remote Access

A free phone number is a cloud-based VoIP solution that allows you to access all its features on any device from anywhere around the world.

So even if your office is closed during a lockdown, you can still operate from your home and all your employees will enjoy the same functionality while working remotely.

When the customers contact your business, you can transfer the call to any device of your preference making sure that you never miss a lead.


Free phone numbers are much more recognisable and memorable than a personal number for the customers. Choose between 0800 or 0808 number to make your business more approachable.

You can even choose a vanity number like 0800-PET-STORE or 0808-GET-FLOWERS to make your business stand out from the competition and instantly recognisable.

A customer will always relate a free phone number to a large organisation giving your business more credibility, and thus increasing the trust factor in your company.

Virtual Assistant

With a free phone number, you get the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) feature or a Virtual Assistant for your business. It gives your customers a self-help option.

This not only saves time for your agents but for your callers. A virtual assistant also helps redirect the calls to the right department improving your customer experience significantly.

The virtual assistant can also handle minor queries with a FAQs section and keep the agents available for more important calls and queries.

You can even set a specific response during a pandemic to educate your customers or provide them with important information to help them.

Monitor Campaigns

A free phone number allows you to track and monitor every call of your marketing campaign to get essential customer interaction data for your business.

This helps you optimise your marketing campaigns and create more effective marketing strategies.

Also, you can get insights on every campaign and get important analytics like the number of received calls, call duration, caller’s location, etc. to enhance your marketing campaigns.

With the ability to monitor, you can even run test campaigns to see which strategy is the most effective and productive for your customer base.

Cost Savings

Free phone number is cloud-based service, which means there is no requirement for physical hardware to be set up in your office premise.

This not only saves the money required for the hardware but also eliminates the hassle of its maintenance.

Moreover, there is no need to get an IT team to look after the free phone number service either. Most of the maintenance and servicing is taken care of by the service provider who provided the virtual number.

Additionally, there are customisable plans to meet your unique business requirements. So you only pay for what you need and nothing extra. And it is essential to save cost during a pandemic as the economy gets affected.


While relocating your business or moving to a new location, free phone number services can be set up in a few hours and your business can start running seamlessly like before.

All you have to do is contact your service provider, and they will do all the set up for you.

Expanding your business is also very easy with free phone numbers. You can always create separate extensions for different business locations, or for different agents working remotely from completely different locations.

Extensions can be like 0800-465-6545 and 0800-465-6546, which help retain the identity of your business while also organising your customer calls.

In-depth Analysis

Free phone number allows the managers and business owners to keep track of and analyse every call.

It is necessary while working remotely, as the team leaders and managers are not physically present in the office premises to guide the agents better based on their performance.

With features like call barging, call whisper, call transfer, etc. you can make sure that your customers always get an optimum experience while connecting to your business.

Getting insights on every call will help you improve your agent performance and overall business performance.

It will also help you develop new strategies based on the preferences of your customers helping you boost your business productivity.

Call Recording

Free phone numbers enable you to record every customer interaction with your business.

This helps in solving disputes and conflicts if they ever arise by just listening to the interaction of your agent and the customer.

Your customers may have unique requirements during a pandemic. You can collect the recorded calls data and review it to build a product suited for your customers during the pandemic.

It also helps you to provide better training to your agents with the best customer interaction data available by preparing your agents for every possible situation.

Moreover, you can listen back to the recordings for any details that might have been missed by the agent.

You can also capture customer stories for better testimonies of your organisation. It also helps you to know your customers better and build a customer-friendly persona of your ideal client.

Music on Hold

While your customer is in a waiting queue before being connected to an agent, playing music while they are holding is a great way to improve your customer retention.

With a free phone number, you can even put a customised message instead of music in the waiting queue.

This can be any valuable information about your company or promotion of a brand new product that you might launch during this phase where most businesses are operating remotely.

Music on hold also enhances your brand reputation among your customers and they become more likely to recommend your business to others, which gives your company a free-of-cost marketing boost.


Every business requires a successful marketing campaign that helps to improve reach to the customers and elevate sales, and especially during a pandemic, it is crucial to run well-performing campaigns to keep your business in the competition.

Free phone number allows your business to run successful marketing campaigns and boost your business performance even if your team is working remotely.

It is a great investment for your organisation and will always be an asset.

A free phone number records the customer interaction data, provides them with an excellent experience and also helps to save money for your business.

It will also make your customers recognise your business distinctly and improve your brand image notably.

Acefone provides feature-rich Free Phone Number for your business that helps improve your business productivity while also providing more credibility.

Connect to an expert today at 0800-084-3663 to get your unique Business Number.

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