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Jumpstart Your Financial Year With These Sales Tips

Most businesses have had a challenging year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic hit the global economy and businesses across the globe took the brunt of it. 

But in this article, we are looking to the future and thinking of ways you can jumpstart your next financial year.

Your communications companion, the hosted phone system, will introduce a lot of new opportunities for your business. With a hosted phone system, you can improve sales in a number of different ways—from improving customer service to expanding your audience—all while saving money and increasing your profits!

Here are just some of the ways in which you can utilise your hosted phone system to increase productivity and profits in this financial year.

Increase visibility in sales processes

Sales processes can often be complicated. Sometimes they can be so disconnected that you are unable to accurately determine where customers are coming from, which channels are working well, and which need more work.

With a hosted phone system, you can use analytics to track all inbound and outbound calls. As information is centralised and easily accessible, all you have to do is pull up reports and drill into statistics. This will help identify which channels work and where to best put in your marketing efforts. 

By increasing the visibility in your sales processes, you can ensure that your marketing budget is not being wasted on channels that don’t work. Thus helping you boost profits. 

This visibility also makes it very simple for agents to pick up on customer inquiries and get themselves up to speed. By saving notes in the online portal managers, customer service teams can ensure that inquiries are moving through the process effectively. Customers are much more likely to return to businesses with smooth sales processes. 

Connect your communications with customers

Modern customers will often interact with businesses through many different touchpoints. They may start their research on a search engine. After some time, they could hop on social media and connect to you via an email link dropped on the platform. If these communications are all managed separately, you could have inconsistent messaging. This clutter may lead to a message being misplaced and even losing the customer. 

With VoIP phone systems, all of these touchpoints are centrally connected. This means you don’t need multiple systems to keep track of your messages. With the flexibility of hosted phone systems, your team can communicate freely on multiple platforms wherever they might be!

With all communications connected, businesses can track users and their behaviours across different platforms. Companies can provide customers with products based on their interests using social media targeting. 

They can also give a gentle push along the sales funnel by keeping track of the customer buying journey. A simple way of doing this would be to offer discounts and deals at the right time. 

Your hosted phone system can also connect to your CRM system and third-party apps. This means you can easily keep track of customers and ensure that all touchpoints are working together. 

Additionally, the central server also saves you time by reducing the time taken to transfer data from one system to another. CRM integrations can help increase sales by providing more information on customers, thereby offering more opportunities to pitch the sale. 

Broadcast messages with your Phone System

Voice and SMS broadcasts can help your business announce important information to your customers. These can be delivered during call forwards and can inform customers about data privacy, new offers, important announcements, etc. 

Broadcasts can build trust and encourage purchase. Another way they help increase sales is by mentioning new products or services or broadcasting special offers via SMSes. 

These unique features offered by your hosted phone system are an excellent way to get any message out to your customers and stakeholders!

Branch out to new territories with custom numbers

Another great way to jumpstart your financial year is by introducing custom numbers to your hosted phone systems. These numbers all connect to your hosted phone system, and you can use analytics to see which ones work well and which ones need more promotion.

If you’d like to appear in local Google searches or want to build ties to particular areas, you can even opt for a local number. You can set as many local numbers as you want, creating a local presence anywhere in the world. Customers often look for local numbers; so if Google shows your custom number as local, you can easily get new customers. 

To improve customer service and build a more professional brand image, a free phone number is a must. Free phone numbers remove unnecessary barriers and make your business look professional and well-established. They provide an incentive for customers to reach out to you and not to a competitor. 

Custom numbers can be a way to increase the volume of calls leading to more opportunities for conversion. With more such opportunities, sales are bound to improve and provide a welcome increase in profits. 

Save money on call costs, locally and internationally

Hosted phone systems are highly cost-effective and can save money on every call. As these systems make calls over the internet, there are no costly fees for international calls.  This gives you the freedom to expand globally. 

You can also keep a close eye on your call costs on your online portal. A wide selection of offers also ensures that you pick a plan that is the right choice for you and your business. 

Quite simply, by saving money on calls, you can increase your profit margin. Being able to expand your business globally without fear of crossing your budget is yet another way in which a hosted phone system can help jumpstart your financial year.

A hosted phone system has many advantages

Hosted phone systems have many benefits designed to help you improve your sales. From connecting your team to making sales processes more transparent, a VoIP phone system is not just a telephone, it is a communication powerhouse. 

Investing in a VoIP phone system can open your business up to new opportunities. It even has the ability to expand with you. For instance, if your sales increase this financial year and you need to hire more remote staff, you can add them to your centralised phone system in seconds. 

There are many opportunities to jumpstart your financial year with a hosted phone system. All you need to do is call us on 0800-084-3663 for more information and we will help you get started! 

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