Managing & Simplifying Business Activities via Zendesk CRM

Acefone, with its best in class cloud-based communication services, has been excelling the graph & supplementing business’s communication services. Right from measuring your business’s performance & strategies, it has been outshining in providing cutting- edge telephony services. By Integrating Acefone with Zendesk CRM you get access to click to call functionality & other useful services, Acefone is providing best-in-class tools & services.

Integrating Acefone with Zendesk CRM

Once “Acefone” account gets integrated with Zendesk CRM, you are facilitated with the following features:

  • View the call log of Acefone on Zendesk CRM
  • Make calls or receive calls through Acefone directly through your Zendesk CRM and be able to view the business cards of the contacts while on the call.
  • Access to Click-to-Call functionality within Zendesk CRM.
  • Access complete call history.
  • Add follow-up activities at the end of each call.
  • Create new contacts while you are on the call with new leads.

Please contact support at: 8000843663 for further assistance. You may also email at

Zendesk CRM Integration with Acefone:

Step1: Signing in to Acefone

  1. Login to your Acefone.
  2. Click on the Services tab on the side-navigation.
  3. Click Integration`s.
  4. Toggle on for Zendesk CRM. Instructions will open in a new page.
  1. Select Enable CRM.

  1. Select the User from the Dropdown box.
  2. Fill in the requirements (API Token, Zendesk Domain, Zendesk Email, Company name, Sub domain).
  3. Save and Submit

Step 2: Configuring “Acefone” with Zendesk

1. Download the Acefone App from Zendesk Marketplace or Acefone Zendesk from Chrome Store as per your preference.

2. Login to your Zendesk CRM after completing Step 1.

You can download the Acefone-Zendesk app from the Zendesk Marketplace. OR, you can add an extension for your google chrome browser from the Chrome Web Store.
Get the Acefone extension from Chrome Webstore here:
Also, you can get it directly from the Zendesk marketplace.