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Mastering Contact Center Operations: Top 5 strategies for success

Businesses today face several challenges that demand proactive coordination and performance tracking. The bigger an organization gets, the more difficult it gets to address those challenges. Despite that, it’s crucial for businesses to address them head-on to stay ahead of the competition.  One powerful solution that can help them do so with ease is cloud-based […]

Solving Operations Management Challenges: Strategies for Efficiency and Success

Are you struggling with operational challenges that seem to hinder your business growth?   You’re not alone. Operations management can be a complex field, filled with obstacles that require strategic problem-solving.   In this blog, we explore the importance of problem-solving strategies and how they can transform your operations for the better.   Understanding Operations Management   Operations management […]

Pros and cons of using VoIP solutions for business in 2023

In today’s fast-paced business landscape, businesses face numerous challenges that can hinder their department’s smooth operations. These challenges include insufficient customer support, complicated calling solutions, fragmented customer data access, and privacy concerns.   Fortunately, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology offers a promising solution. It offers numerous cloud-based solutions that help you streamline your operations and […]

Top 5 reasons that makes Philippines the Contact center leader

The outsourcing industry has recently witnessed a significant surge in employment in the Asian countries. Some of the most prominent countries to make an impact in the global market are India, Philippines, Pakistan, Bangladesh, etc. Among these countries stands Philippines as the greatest contact center industry in the world. Today we look at how Philippines transformed […]

The 7 most popular CRM tools you can integrate with Acefone 

Similar to all the top VoIP providers in this industry, Acefone has always prioritized high quality communication for smooth customer experiences. Whether it is interacting with customers, team members, or leads, we have everything accessible under one roof.  In fact, we take this ‘one-stop-for-all’ concept further by enabling various API-backed CRM and helpdesk integrations for […]

Top 5 business VoIP trends you need to know in 2023

VoIP technology has significantly revolutionized communication since its launch in 1995. Voice calls are clearer, sales and support have become round-the-clock, and customers can reach your business via multiple channels.   As VoIP continues to grow even today, so do its features and solutions. It only makes sense for you to keep up with trends […]

Contact Centers vs Call Centers — Which Is Better And Why?

You probably recall hearing the term ‘call center’ from before you first heard the term ‘contact center’. We don’t blame you—both are often used interchangeably. However, contact center solutions not only evolve from call centers, but reimagine customer service and outbound sales.   At their core, call centers deal with customer queries via calls, while […]

Expert Opinion: Deirdre Martin on how happy employees are key to happy customers

In a world where technology is becoming increasingly affordable, customer experience is one of the biggest differentiators among SaaS players. There is one thing, however, that most tech companies miss: If your employees are disgruntled or poorly looked after, they will never be able to keep your customers happy. Reasserting this belief, CX expert Deirdre […]

Top 10 Must-Have Features of Call Center Phone Systems

Call centers have emerged as a key touchpoint for businesses in India. They enable establishing contact with customers, understanding their demands, and offer quick and efficient solutions.   Though a typical call center phone system’s setup reminds us of long call queues and frustrated customers, the modern-day industry has become increasingly streamlined. Backed by cloud-based call […]