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Benefits of VoIP Hosted Phone System

Are you searching the internet for a VoIP hosted business phone system but unsure whether to get one or not?

Hosted VoIP phone systems aka Business phone systems aka VoIP phone systems are efficient and reliable communication solutions helping modern businesses with daily operations.  

The genesis of hosted phone systems has led to significant changes in the business approach towards customer and internal communication. A report suggests that 60% of global businesses are prioritizing investments in hosted phone systems. 

Pros & Cons of VoIP Phone Systems

If you’re planning for the same, it’s vital to know the pros and cons of hosted phone systems and how they work.

How Hosted VoIP Phone Systems Work?

A hosted VoIP phone system manages and routes incoming and outgoing calls using the internet instead of hardwired phone lines, known as VoIP technology. Every time an individual makes a call, it’s shot across the VoIP service provider’s servers.  

Here the call is processed into small data packets and transmitted to the recipient’s service provider. Once received, the data packets are converted back to voice signals and played at the recipient’s end. 

Pros of Hosted VoIP Phone System for communication 

Despite the countless advantages hosted phone systems have to offer, we are going to look at the ones that impact your business the most. 

  • Flexibility & Mobility

     A hosted phone system gives your teams freedom to address calls from anywhere, if they’re connected to the internet. This flexibility gives rise to a remote work friendly culture, enhancing your teams’ productivity. Acefone being one of the renowned global VoIP service providers, allows its users to connect internationally with your teams and clients with cost effective rates. 

  • Enhanced Functionality

     Hosted VoIP phone systems offer enhanced features and functionality for quality communication and collaboration. Features like voicemail-to-email, call forwarding, call transfer and more are available at the portal and can be browsed and utilized at the click of a button. These features can be easily managed through the portal or mobile VoIP app and ensure seamless communication and enhanced business operations. 

  • System Reliability

     VoIP is a reliable service for businesses as it is built on robust infrastructure ensuring uninterrupted uptime and service continuity. VoIP gives access to dedicated support teams monitoring and maintaining the system. Consequently, businesses can rely on consistent and dependable communication channels, minimizing downtime and disruptions. 

  • Faster Implementation

     Hosted VoIP phone systems can be installed and implemented on your devices faster than traditional on-premises solutions. It requires minimal hardware changes and consists of a simplified setup process. With VoIP phone systems, businesses can deploy these systems quickly, and run without lengthy installation times or complex configurations. 

Cons of Using Hosted VoIP Phone Systems 

Hosted VoIP phone systems come with a few drawbacks that businesses should consider. 

  • Internet Liability

     One of the most significant drawbacks of VoIP services is their dependency on internet connections. Since it relies heavily on internet connectivity, any issues such as network outages or slowdowns can disrupt your hosted VoIP phone system’s functioning. To avoid this, you must ensure you have a stable high-speed internet connection to maintain service consistency. 

  • Privacy Concerns

     Given that VoIP phone systems rely completely on the internet, breaching one’s servers becomes comparatively easier. Transmitting important calls over VoIP opens the possibility of interception or hacking, compromising your business information. Thankfully, Acefone provides end-to-end encryption to avoid cyber threats and keep your communication secure. 

  • Service Interruptions

     While VoIP’s calling services are highly reliable, service disruptions continue to stand as a huge drawback. Interruptions such as network congestion, hardware failure, or maintenance activities can hinder your service quality and user experience. To prevent this, Acefone ensures 99.99% service uptime to its customers for seamless communication. Having access to consistent VoIP service enables businesses to avoid missed calls, productivity loss, and customer dissatisfaction. 

Should You Get a VoIP Hosted Phone System 

With businesses shifting to the cloud, it is vital for you to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of VoIP systems before choosing one. On the one hand VoIP hosted phone systems provide you with flexibility, reliable services and more, they can also be prone to cyber threats. 

You must create a comparison list of your business requirements alongside the VoIP service provider’s offers to minimize the disadvantages mentioned above. Overall, a hosted VoIP phone system can be a valuable addition to your business communication operations. 

Feel free to get in touch with our experts who can make the decision-making process easier for you and help you get the exact features and functionalities you need. 

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