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Cloud Phone System

A Complete Cloud
Business Phone System

Get HD and uninterrupted cloud based communication with a smart and feature-rich hosted phone system for your US business.

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Global Users

Over 5,000 brands use Acefone’s VoIP telephony solutions for simplifying communication.

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Rated by Customers

We are rated by thousands of users across portals, like G2, Capterra, & others.


Built for Volume

Acefone's servers run more than 12 million calls every month.


Less Call Idle Time

Optimize agent productivity by minimizing idle time between customer calls.

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Cloud Phone System Overview

Stand Out with Acefone's Cloud Phone Services

Sales Enablement

Empower your agents with advanced cloud calling to identify promising leads and close them faster.

Simplify Customer Support

Provide support teams with pre-written scripts, workflow automation, and easy integration for better query resolution.

Professional Brand Building

Set an outstanding first impression among your audience with easy to recall and 
cost-effective virtual numbers.

Cloud Based Phone System Benefits

Why Choose Acefone's Cloud Phone System
for Your Business

It's a transformative tool for growing businesses as they don't need much hardware to set it up.
Big businesses dig it too! They can have offices all over the globe and still have one phone system for everyone.
Here are some ways it could help your business too.

Rich Cloud Calling Experience

Enjoy seamless and true HD voice calls, optimized for low bandwidth so you never experience any lags.

Lower Costs, Higher Returns

Pay only for features and number of lines you want to use with tailored plans, specific to your needs.

Retain Business Phone Numbers

Enjoy a variety of rich cloud based services on your existing business phone numbers to retain current clients.

Scalability for Growing Teams

Cloud telephony offers you the option to scale at your will and without any additional expenses.

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Popular Cloud Phone System Features

Customer Call Recording

Record agent calls for dispute resolution and quality assessment.

Voicemail to Email

Voicemails delivered straight to your inbox, available for listening anytime.

Call Routing Strategies

Multiple routing strategies for directing callers to the right agent.

Auto Call Distribution

Automatically receive and distribute calls to available agents with ease.

Music on hold

Reduce call abandonment rate & enhance caller waiting experience.

Analytics & Call Reports

View detailed call analytics, insights and KPIs via scheduled reports.

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You'll magically know everything

Cloud Telephony Integrations

Customize your cloud phone system for business with your preferred CRMs and helpdesk software.

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Hosted Cloud Phone System Pricing

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Save up to 25%

Number of users

3-9 10-19 20+



per user, per month, 3-users minimum

Everything in the Business plan, plus:
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Personalized set-up
  • Call recording
  • Free number porting
  • IP desk phone compatibility
  • Priority 24x7 support
  • Unlimited ring groups
  • Integration with premium apps (e.g. Salesforce)
  • Custom integrations, API and webhooks

Cloud Phone Systems Cost Savings Calculator

Check out our simple cost savings calculator to compare a traditional phone system versus a Cloud Phone System.
Compare line costs from your telephone company and hardware costs of an onsite PBX.

Current Month Bill $1250
  • 0
  • 1250
  • 2500
  • 3750
  • 5000
Number of users 40
  • 5
  • 30
  • 60
  • 90
  • 120
  • 150
Calling Destination
Your Current Bill $1250
Bill With Acefone $639.60
Your Saving $610.40

To save 48.83%*

*T&C Apply

When I signed up for Acefone, I had very little VoIP knowledge, but the technical support was second to none, even for companies with limited technical skills. Added bonus: it works out cheaper than my existing single BT phone line.

Lee M.

Manager, Medical Practice

Our company has been using Acefone from the beginning and we have never had any issue with the service. Their support is amazing, always happy to help and always polite. If you are looking for VoIP, you cannot find a better provider.

Patryk Weglarz

United Kingdom

My experience has been very positive. The software is easy to use and integrates well with our existing system. The phone was configured in minutes by a remote technician. I've never had to ask for assistance over the last 12 months.

Gordon R.

Director, Airlines/Aviation

Acefone is easy to set up, thanks to great help from customer service. The software has many useful features. I chose Acefone because a real person talked to me and helped me pick what I needed. They resolved all my queries there and then.

William A.

Director, Financial Services

Acefone's onboarding process is great — the company helped me in every way imaginable. The support representative was really informative and patient with all my queries. The software appears to cover all bases as well.

Gemma L.

Proprietor, Accounting

Wish to learn more about business cloud phone systems?

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Cloud phone systems aka business phone system or hosted phone systems like your regular phones work over the internet. They let you make calls, send texts, and perform all the general phone activities across the internet instead of traditional phone lines. They are cost effective, scalable, and make call management and communication easier for you, no matter your business size. Hosted phone systems help you grow your business without exhausting your finances and utilizing every resource to the fullest.

With cloud phone systems, your calls travel like small data packets. Every time an agent speaks into a VoIP enabled cloud phone system, it is converted into electrical signals, which later are chopped into small data packets by the ADC. These data packets travel across the internet to the other party, whether nearby or far away. On the receiving end, these data packets are reassembled into the speaking agent's voice for quality interactions.

While there are several factors to check when selecting a cloud phone service provider, you may prioritize these five for simplicity:

  • Service Scalability

    You need a cloud phone service that can easily adapt to minimize fluctuations in call volume without compromising performance.

  • Cost-effective Plans

    Providers offering competitive and flexible pricing and transparent billing structures are preferred, allowing you to manage your expenses efficiently.

  • Features & Integrations

    Cloud phone services that offer features like call routing, IVR (Interactive Voice Response), call recording, real-time analytics, and CRM integration capabilities are essential for optimizing your operations.

  • Network Security and Compliance

    Cloud phone service providers who adhere to industry standards and regulations (e.g., GDPR, HIPAA) to ensure security and privacy of your customers' sensitive data are crucial.

  • Reliable Customer Support

    A prompt and knowledgeable support team is vital for resolving issues promptly and reducing downtime. Support teams capable of connecting with you across your preferred communication channels are more favorable than those with single channel communication.

Cloud phone systems, also known as cloud-hosted phone services, offer numerous advantages over traditional phone systems. These advantages include cost savings, scalability, flexibility, advanced features, and improved collaboration. With these capabilities, cloud phone systems have become a viable option for businesses.

While cloud phone systems offer numerous advantages, there are also potential drawbacks to consider. These drawbacks include:

  • Dependency on internet connectivity

    Cloud phone systems rely on connection stability for optimal performance.

  • Security concerns

    Network vulnerabilities can pose security risks, so choosing a provider with robust security measures is essential.

  • Quality of Service (QoS) issues

    Limited bandwidth or network congestion can impact call quality.

Additionally, limitations in emergency service access and initial investments in handsets or training should be considered. Despite these challenges, cloud phone services can still offer significant benefits to businesses with proper planning and implementation.

Frequently asked questions

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about Hosted Business Phone Systems.
Still don't find what you're looking for? Chat with our experts!

VoIP hosted phone systems use the internet for calls, while cloud-based phone systems host the entire phone infrastructure off-site. VoIP can be used on-premises, while cloud hosted phone systems operate remotely.

Cloud phone systems benefit small businesses by reducing calling bills through internet-based calls, scaling without extra hardware costs, and providing features like call forwarding and virtual receptionists.

A cloud-based phone system operates using internet protocols. It routes calls through remote data centers, ensuring seamless communication, and offering flexibility for users to access services from any location.

Setting up a cloud hosted phone system involves selecting a provider, subscribing to a suitable plan, customizing settings through an online portal or app, and connecting compatible devices to the portal.

Cloud telephony is helpful for small businesses due to its cost-effectiveness, scalability to accommodate growth without infrastructure changes, and access to various advanced features without complex hardware requirements.

An SIP phone uses the Session Initiation Protocol for call setup and handling, while a cloud phone relies on a service provider's off-site infrastructure.

Yes, your cloud phone remains functional even after relocation. You can use it to communicate anywhere in the United States. Places like New York, Illinois, LA, Wyoming, etc., we cover them all.

Cloud based phone systems have disadvantages like internet dependency, security concerns regarding data storage, and potential long-term costs with subscription fees. They might limit your call quality, posing challenges to good customer experience.

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