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Global Users

Over 5,000 brands use Acefone’s VoIP telephony solutions for simplifying communication.

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Rated by Customers

We are rated by thousands of users across portals, like G2, Capterra, & others.


Built for Volume

Acefone's servers run more than 12 million calls every month.


Less Call Idle Time

Optimize agent productivity by minimizing idle time between customer calls.

What are outbound contact center solutions?

Outbound contact center solutions are VoIP based software that assist call center agents with outbound calling. With its help, agents can focus on having quality interactions with leads and new customers to boost the business revenue. One way outbound contact center solutions enable agents to improve the revenue generation process is through CRM integrations. These integrations provide quick access to customer data across multiple platforms to upsell products or recommend suitable tariff plans.

Acefone's Outbound Contact Center Services

Auto Dialers

Provide Ratio and Preview auto dialers to your sales teams, streamlining the dialing process and improving the lead-engagement rate.

Keep track and jump on to live calls using call whisper and call barge to assist agents in successfully closing deals with a prospect.

Equip agents with access to vital customer information across the contact center's portal and CRM platforms for quality interactions.

Amplify Your Outbound Calling Experience

Dedicated Outreach Tools

Streamline your outbound operations with contact center dialers, call analytics, and calling capabilities to nurture and personalize interactions.

Use AI-enabled filters, algorithms, one-click dialing, call flipping, pre-written scripts and more to ensure your agents have a seamless calling experience.

Enable agents to interact with leads and customers across multiple channels using a single dynamic dashboard.

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Outbound Contact Center Overview

Outbound Contact Center Benefits

Why Choose Acefone's Contact Center
Outbound Services?

Proactive Lead Management

Efficiently handle large volume of leads with CRM integrations, call automation, and easy campaign management.

Elevated Agent Productivity

Leverage from Click-to-dial and Bulk Contact Upload to minimize repetitive tasks and let agents focus on improving the business ROI.

Better Customer Retention

Foster loyalty among your customers by looking after them using insightful post-sales processes and prompt resolutions for longer retention.

Low Operation Costs

Save operational expenses such as new hirings, infrastructural changes, and frequent hardware upgrades with hosted outbound contact centers.

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Popular Features

Outbound Contact Center Features

Call Routing

Hold insightful conversations by aligning customers with the most relevant agents through skill-based routing for better call outcomes.

Custom Caller ID

Set customized local caller IDs to establish a stronger connection with audience from different regions.

Desktop CTI Notifications

CTI notifications provide real-time updates of whether the customer calls were answered, went to voicemail, or encountered a busy signal.

Call Detail Reports

Get metrics like average call duration, call volume, and call engagement to assess agents and campaign performance.

Contact Center Analytics

Utilize call analytics to measure and track team performance, CSAT levels, and other vital metrics based on your campaign requirements.

Call Recording

Listen and observe agent-customer interactions to assess call quality and for training purposes, enhancing team productivity.

Click to Dial

Streamline outbound calling by allowing agents to initiate calls with a single click, eliminating the need to manually dial numbers.

AI-Enabled IVR

Automate routine tasks such as call routing, message delivery, and data collection, reducing the need for manual intervention by agents.

Outbound Contact Center Integrations

Outbound Contact Center Solutions customized for your business with Trending CRMs and helpdesk software.

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Outbound Contact Center Pricing

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Everything in the Business plan, plus:
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Personalized set-up
  • Call recording
  • Free number porting
  • IP desk phone compatibility
  • Priority 24x7 support
  • Unlimited ring groups
  • Integration with premium apps (e.g. Salesforce)
  • Custom integrations, API and webhooks

Outbound Contact Center Cost Savings Calculator

Check out our simple cost savings calculator to compare a traditional phone system versus a Outbound Contact Center.
Compare line costs from your telephone company and hardware costs of an onsite PBX.

Current Month Bill $1250
  • 0
  • 1250
  • 2500
  • 3750
  • 5000
Number of users 40
  • 5
  • 30
  • 60
  • 90
  • 120
  • 150
Calling Destination
Your Current Bill $1250
Bill With Acefone $639.60
Your Saving $610.40

To save 48.83%*

*T&C Apply

When I signed up for Acefone, I had very little VoIP knowledge, but the technical support was second to none, even for companies with limited technical skills. Added bonus: it works out cheaper than my existing single BT phone line.

Lee M.

Manager, Medical Practice

Our company has been using Acefone from the beginning and we have never had any issue with the service. Their support is amazing, always happy to help and always polite. If you are looking for VoIP, you cannot find a better provider.

Patryk Weglarz

United Kingdom

My experience has been very positive. The software is easy to use and integrates well with our existing system. The phone was configured in minutes by a remote technician. I've never had to ask for assistance over the last 12 months.

Gordon R.

Director, Airlines/Aviation

Acefone is easy to set up, thanks to great help from customer service. The software has many useful features. I chose Acefone because a real person talked to me and helped me pick what I needed. They resolved all my queries there and then.

William A.

Director, Financial Services

Acefone's onboarding process is great — the company helped me in every way imaginable. The support representative was really informative and patient with all my queries. The software appears to cover all bases as well.

Gemma L.

Proprietor, Accounting

Frequently asked questions

Here are some of the most common questions about Outbound Contact Center Services.
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Outbound contact center solutions help businesses manage proactive customer outreach and sales campaigns efficiently.

Outbound contact center services enhance customer engagement, increase sales, and improve overall business productivity.

Various industries like retail, finance, healthcare, and telecommunications can leverage outbound contact center solutions for their customer engagement needs.

By offering personalized interactions and timely assistance, outbound contact center solutions enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Yes, outbound contact center services can be tailored to suit the unique requirements and goals of your business.

Absolutely, outbound contact center solutions empower sales teams to reach more prospects and close deals effectively.

Outbound contact center solutions utilize advanced technologies like predictive dialers, CRM integrations, and automated workflows.

Yes, outbound contact center solutions offer scalable options suitable for businesses of all sizes.

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