Steps to Integrate

Steps to Integrate
with Zoho

Step 1

Signing in to Acefone

  • Log in to your Acefone account
  • Click on the Services tab on the side navigation bar
  • Click on Integrations
  • Enable Zoho by clicking the toggle button
  • Click on Instructions

Step 2

Configuring Acefone with Zoho Products

  • Enable Zoho CRM integration
  • Choose an Extension from the drop-down list and click on Integrate Zoho bridge

Step 3

Authorising Zoho Products account

  • Grant permission to Acefone once you are redirected to the Zoho authentication page
  • Click on Go To Zoho CRM on the Success dialogue box
  • When you’re redirected to the page, click on Access Zoho CRM
  • You can now use your Acefone integrated Zoho portal