Steps to Integrate

Steps to Integrate
with Salesforce

Step 1

Signing in to Acefone

  • Sign in to Acefone
  • Click on the Services tab on the side navigation bar
  • Click on Integrations
  • Enable Salesforce by clicking the toggle button
  • Click on Instructions
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Step 2

Configuring Acefone with Salesforce portal

  • Type ‘call centre’ in the quick box
  • Click on Call Centres and then, open CTI
  • Then click on Manage Call Centre and on Add More Users
  • Enter user details in the search filter
    (For eg. Using any criteria like the name of the active Salesforce user)
  • Click on Find to further add the user by clicking on Add to Call Centre
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Step 3

Authorising Salesforce account

  • Type ‘app manager’ in the Quick Box
  • Click on Edit Sales (Lightning Sales)
  • Select Utility Items
  • Click on Add Utility Item
  • Add Open CTI Softphone and save it
    Note: Add your mobile number in Setup (Users) in the Mobile field
  • Select Sales from the app launcher and maximise the phone tab placed at the bottom left corner by clicking on it
  • Enter your Acefone credentials and log in to Salesforce CRM. You’re good to go
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