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Over 5,000 brands use Acefone’s VoIP telephony solutions for simplifying communication.

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We are rated by thousands of users across portals, like G2, Capterra, & others.


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Optimize agent productivity by minimizing idle time between customer calls.

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Interactive Voice Response Overview

Route calls to success with cutting-edge IVR Solutions

Optimize Call Routing

Match calls to agents based on their working hours through smart routing for a smoother customer experience.

Improve Agent Efficiency

Balance agents’ workload by providing customers with a self-service option for simple queries.

Elevate Brand Image

Answer inbound calls on and off hours and stay at your professional best with auto attendants.

Benefits of IVR System

Why choose Acefone’s IVR system?

Acefone’s multi-level configurable interactive voice response (IVR) solution automates your customer calls for greater efficiency. With end-to-end encryption, 99.99% uptime, and pocket friendly plans, you get the maximum ROI.

Auto-answer Incoming Calls

Automatically answer incoming calls and provide customers with a self-help navigation menu for simple queries.

Build Professional Brand Image

Reflect a professional brand image in every customer conversation by greeting callers with a warm voice message.

Maximize First Call Resolution

Redirect calls to the best-suited agent and ensure a successful query resolution in the first call itself.

Deliver Rich Customer Experience

Drive customer satisfaction by giving them the option to engage with support executives via call, chat and email.

Have Questions?

Learn about Acefone's IVR hosted systems from our experts.

Feature-rich IVR Solution to Transform your Business

Call Detail Records

Review your team’s performance by keeping a check on the live status of active, on-hold and disconnected calls.

Live Call Monitoring

Barge or whisper into an active call and ensure error-free customer service by assisting agents in customer handling.


Dynamically convert written texts into audio messages to align your message scripts with customer needs.

End-to-end Encryption

Ensure privacy and complete control over the security of your data with end-to-end encryption.

Call Recording

Keep a tab on every customer conversation and never miss out on any valuable information.

Schedule Callbacks

Allow customers to schedule callbacks and connect with agents per their convenience.

When I signed up for Acefone, I had very little VoIP knowledge, but the technical support was second to none, even for companies with limited technical skills. Added bonus: it works out cheaper than my existing single BT phone line.

Lee M.

Manager, Medical Practice

Our company has been using Acefone from the beginning and we have never had any issue with the service. Their support is amazing, always happy to help and always polite. If you are looking for VoIP, you cannot find a better provider.

Patryk Weglarz

United Kingdom

My experience has been very positive. The software is easy to use and integrates well with our existing system. The phone was configured in minutes by a remote technician. I've never had to ask for assistance over the last 12 months.

Gordon R.

Director, Airlines/Aviation

Acefone is easy to set up, thanks to great help from customer service. The software has many useful features. I chose Acefone because a real person talked to me and helped me pick what I needed. They resolved all my queries there and then.

William A.

Director, Financial Services

Acefone's onboarding process is great — the company helped me in every way imaginable. The support representative was really informative and patient with all my queries. The software appears to cover all bases as well.

Gemma L.

Proprietor, Accounting

Want to learn more about the Interactive Voice Response system?

An Interactive Voice Response (IVR) number is business phone number that has an integrated menu-driven system for smoother call routing. You can set up an IVR system that allows your customers to reach the desired department by entering inputs through their dial pads.

An IVR designer is a tool which helps you create and manage Interactive Voice Response system for your business. Here are the key features of an automated IVR designer:

  • Visual call flow builder

    This feature allows you to visually design the sequence of prompts, menus, and options callers will encounter.

  • Pre-built templates

    Some modern IVR solution providers may offer pre-designed templates for common scenarios like appointment scheduling.

  • Text-to-speech conversion

    With this functionality, you can write call scripts and convert them into audio messages for your IVR system.

  • Integration with other systems

    Most solutions integrate with your existing CRM or other systems to personalize the IVR experience for callers.

To select the right IVR solution provider, start by defining your IVR needs, like call routing complexities, virtual number requirements or multilingual support. Then, choose a provider with reliable infrastructure, strong customer support and flexible pricing.

Here are a few factors to keep in mind while selecting an option:

  • Seamless Setup & Scalability

    The solution should be easy to install and should adapt to your growing business needs.

  • Intuitive Design

    You should get crystal-clear menus for effortless caller navigation.

  • Self-Service Powerhouse

    The solution should empower callers with options to resolve issues independently.

  • Real-Time Insights

    You should get valuable data to optimize call routing and agent performance.

  • Cloud-Based Advantage

    The solution should be accessible from anywhere, anytime, with minimal service interruptions.

  • Call Center

    A call center is a department that handles incoming and outgoing phone calls. Live agents answer customer questions, provide support, and process orders.

  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

    IVR is a technology that automates caller interactions. It uses pre-recorded messages and in-call menus to guide callers through various options, like selecting a department, checking account information, or making simple transactions.

Here are some popular advantages of IVR systems:

  • Faster Resolutions and Happier Customers

    IVR systems direct callers to the right department or agent faster, reducing wait times and improving customer satisfaction.

  • Empowering Customers and Agent Efficiency

    These systems automate simple tasks like checking account balances and free-up support agents to handle more complex issues.

  • 24/7 Availability

    IVR solutions are available 24/7, allowing customers to get information or complete tasks even outside of business hours.

  • Data-Driven Improvements

    IVR systems collect data from customer interactions, which can help you improve customer service and marketing efforts.

Frequently asked questions

Here are some commonly asked questions about IVR system.
Still don't find what you're looking for? Chat with our experts!

An Interactive Voice Response (IVR) service is a technology within a VoIP phone system that route callers to appropriate destinations through pre-recorded messages and keypad or speech recognition inputs to provide information.

Startups, SMBs, large companies, contact centers, government agencies, and service providers use IVR services to automate and optimize customer inquiries or service requests.

At Acefone, our onboarding experts help you set up your IVR system and configure all the required workflow. Reach out to us via call 1888 859 0450 or mail us at [email protected] and our experts will get you set up in no time.

Acefone offers you smart, multi-configurable IVR as a part of the flexible business communication solution plans starting from as low as $10.99/ user/ month.

Yes, IVR systems are highly beneficial for small businesses because they help automate call routing, improve customer service, and reduce operational costs. Moreover, they help upcoming businesses create a lasting and impactful impression of themselves.

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