Steps to Integrate

Steps to Integrate
with Freshdesk

Step 1

Signing in to Acefone

  • Login to your Acefone account
  • Under the Services tab, select Integrations
  • To activate Freshdesk integration, click the Enable button

Step 2

Setting up the API

  • When the dialogue box pops up, enter the Freshdesk Domain and the Freshdesk API Token
  • Freshdesk Domain is your Freshdesk account’s URL. The API Token can be fetched from your Profile settings in your Freshdesk account

Step 3

Authorising Acefone

  • Once the integration is successful, you’ll get a confirmation pop-up
  • You’ll see the Acefone icon on your Freshdesk interface. Click on it to start making calls from Freshdesk using Acefone