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Enjoy better customer conversations and enhanced vendor management with cloud communication solutions.

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Solutions for retail needs

Simplify e-commerce

  • ai based ivr

    Easy outreach

    Establish instant, error-free customer connections with predictive or progressive auto-diallers; eliminate manual effort.

  • document cloud

    Maximum results

    Amplify upsell or resell opportunities with various business numbers—pick from a free phone, vanity or local number.

  • call calling


    Leverage voice APIs and add a click-to-call button to your website; connect instantly and get selling quickly.

simplify e commerce
happier customers

Happier customers

  • sms notification

    Better conversations

    Ensure quality interactions and deliver better retail experiences with features like call monitoring, whisper and barging.

  • 24 support

    Intelligent routing

    Direct customers to best-suited agents and facilitate quicker query resolutions with a smart IVR and call distribution system.

  • health

    Complete accessibility

    Voice or message—let customers reach you on any communication channel, device, and platform of their choice.

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Superior supplier relations

  • cloud connection

    Regular inventory updates

    Use automated SMSes and calls to update everyone in the supply chain so you're always well-stocked for customers.

  • voip number

    Always connected

    Don't let missed calls get you down—leverage scheduled callbacks and voicemail-to-email to stay in touch with vendors always.

  • detailed report

    Smart integrations

    Manage all your vendor information, conversations, payment information and more with a CRM integration of your choice.

superior supplier relations
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When I signed up for Acefone, I had very little VoIP knowledge, but the technical support was second to none, even for companies with limited technical skills. Added bonus: it works out cheaper than my existing single BT phone line.

Lee M.

Manager, Medical Practice


Our company has been using Acefone from the beginning and we have never had any issue with the service. Their support is amazing, always happy to help and always polite. If you are looking for VoIP, you cannot find a better provider.

Patryk Weglarz

United Kingdom


My experience has been very positive. The software is easy to use and integrates well with our existing system. The phone was configured in minutes by a remote technician. I've never had to ask for assistance over the last 12 months.

Gordon R.

Director, Airlines/Aviation


Acefone is easy to set up, thanks to great help from customer service. The software has many useful features. I chose Acefone because a real person talked to me and helped me pick what I needed. They resolved all my queries there and then.

William A.

Director, Financial Services


Acefone's onboarding process is great — the company helped me in every way imaginable. The support representative was really informative and patient with all my queries. The software appears to cover all bases as well.

Gemma L.

Proprietor, Accounting

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Guaranteed security for your
e-commerce communications

Enjoy enterprise-grade data security with Acefone

We comply with standard data privacy and safety regulations such
as GDPR, HIPAA, etc. Your security is our concern.

Frequently asked questions

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about Retail Industry.
If you have any other questions- Chat with our experts!

Since everything is on the cloud, we can access large amounts of data—anywhere, anytime, and easily. Hence, cloud communication solutions are scalable, flexible and adaptable for all kinds of retail needs.

Yes. Retailers using cloud communications have top and bottom line payoffs that include improved call quality; increased reliability; lower costs; better customer experience; smarter use of employee and IT resources; and greater flexibility and scalability.

Here's why VoIP is a better choice than landline phones: it's scalable, reliable, portable, and extremely flexible to use.

Additionally, you incur low installation and onboarding costs, and minimal training is required.

Finally, your VoIP phone system can be integrated with a powerful third-party CRM to further enhance your operations.

Not at all; we offer free installation and onboarding. You will only be charged for your number, minutes and any extra features you opt for apart from the plan. You can always get in touch with our experts at 0800-084-3663 to build your own plan as well.

We employ the best-in-class audio codecs which ensure high-quality voice even with poor Internet connectivity. Additionally, we perform VoIP traffic engineering before installation on a per-customer basis.

After the analysis, we may suggest improvements to your system, including bandwidth upgrades, problem resolution on your local network or to install a router that prioritises voice over data.

Call queuing reduces call abandonment rates, efficiently manages your waiting callers and keeps them on the line until you are able to connect with them.

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