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Toll Free Business Numbers

Get toll free business numbers with customizable features and stand out from the competition with a vivid global presence.

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Over 5,000 brands use Acefone’s VoIP telephony solutions for simplifying communication.

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We are rated by thousands of users across portals, like G2, Capterra, & others.


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Optimize agent productivity by minimizing idle time between customer calls.

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Toll Free Number Overview

Stand Out With Acefone’s VoIP Phone Services

Diverse Marketing in US

Allow your existing customers a free of charge calling channel through 800 numbers.

Boost Brand Image in UK

Engrave your brand’s image in your audience’s minds with easy to recall 0800 numbers.

24/7 Helpline in India

Offer clients a dedicated 1800 number helpline for bringing their concerns to us.

Toll Free Phone Number Benefits

Why Companies Prefer Acefone's
Toll Free Business Numbers

The benefits of toll free business numbers are endless, be it for small companies or large. Businesses can utilize these numbers for customer services, marketing campaigns, and much more. Since toll free business numbers are non-geographic, they let customers call from anywhere at zero charges, fostering stronger customer relationships.

More Satisfied Customers

Let customers connect directly with agents and get their queries addressed.

Better Brand Recall Value

Easier to remember toll free numbers enhance your brand’s recognition among your target audience.

Easy Portability

Take your number with you, wherever you go. Easy portability without any extravagant charges.

Expanded Audience Reach

Create a global presence across the US, UK and India with toll free numbers without geographic restrictions.

Have Questions?

Learn about Acefone's Toll Free Number Services from our experts.

Toll Free Calling Features

Call Monitoring

Observe every ongoing agent-customer call from the dashboard in one view.

Call Forwarding

Forward calls to different agents and departments on your set parameters.

Voicemail to Email

Voicemails delivered straight to your inbox, available for listening anytime.

Auto Call Distribution

Automatically receive and distribute calls to available agents with ease.

VoIP Analytics & Call Reports

View detailed call analytics, insights and KPIs via scheduled reports.

Call Recording

Record every interaction for quality analysis and training purposes.

Hosted Toll Free Number Pricing

Toll free calling is only available as an add-on ($4.99 per toll free line) for Acefone's business phone number.
Tariffs mentioned below are in addition to the Business or Premium plan charges.


$4.99 / month


$39.99 / month



100 minutes

$2.99 / month

400 minutes

$9.99 / month

1,000 minutes

$23.99 / month

5K minutes

$99.99 / month

10K minutes

$189.99 / month

25K minutes

$459.99 / month

50K minutes

$749.99 / month

100K minutes

$1,199.99 / month

200K minutes

$1,999.99 / month

*Subject to Acefone's acceptable use and fair use policy (FUP)

$10 /number

Porting charges (for the Business plan)

$5 /user/month

Call recording (add-on for the Business plan)

$5 /user/month

Additional toll-free or local numbers

$30 /user/month

On-demand silver/gold vanity numbers

Toll Free Number Cost Savings Calculator

Check out our simple cost savings calculator to compare a traditional phone system versus a Toll Free Number.
Compare line costs from your telephone company and hardware costs of an onsite PBX.

Current Month Bill $1250
  • 0
  • 1250
  • 2500
  • 3750
  • 5000
Number of users 40
  • 5
  • 30
  • 60
  • 90
  • 120
  • 150
Calling Destination
Your Current Bill $1250
Bill With Acefone $639.60
Your Saving $610.40

To save 48.83%*

*T&C Apply

When I signed up for Acefone, I had very little VoIP knowledge, but the technical support was second to none, even for companies with limited technical skills. Added bonus: it works out cheaper than my existing single BT phone line.

Lee M.

Manager, Medical Practice

Our company has been using Acefone from the beginning and we have never had any issue with the service. Their support is amazing, always happy to help and always polite. If you are looking for VoIP, you cannot find a better provider.

Patryk Weglarz

United Kingdom

My experience has been very positive. The software is easy to use and integrates well with our existing system. The phone was configured in minutes by a remote technician. I've never had to ask for assistance over the last 12 months.

Gordon R.

Director, Airlines/Aviation

Acefone is easy to set up, thanks to great help from customer service. The software has many useful features. I chose Acefone because a real person talked to me and helped me pick what I needed. They resolved all my queries there and then.

William A.

Director, Financial Services

Acefone's onboarding process is great — the company helped me in every way imaginable. The support representative was really informative and patient with all my queries. The software appears to cover all bases as well.

Gemma L.

Proprietor, Accounting

Wish to learn more about Toll Free Number Services?

Toll free numbers are business phone numbers beginning with three-digit prefixes and are free of charge for customers to call. Acefone offers toll free numbers for organizations greatly in the United States with 800 numbers, United Kingdom with 0800 numbers and in India with 1800 numbers. Callers can reach out to the owners of those toll free numbers free of cost from within the domestic regions.

Toll free numbers work similarly as any other virtual phone number. The caller dials a virtual number beginning with a three-digit specific area code. This call is routed to the toll free service provider, who connects the call with the business representative on the other side. The mere difference between any other phone number and toll free numbers is its call charges. The caller (customer) is never charged for a toll free call, instead it is the toll free number owner that bears the charges.

800 numbers also shown as 1-800 numbers were the first of their kind area codes dedicated to toll free calling in the US and Canada. They were introduced in 1966, and are now a part of a long, increasing series of toll free numbers used in the States. Some of the popular sequences today are 1-888, 1-877, 1-866, 1-855, 1-844, and 1-833 toll free phone numbers used for charge free calling.

Setting up a 0800 number for toll-free calls in the UK involves choosing a virtual phone number provider like Acefone. Once subscribed to a Toll free plan, select your 0800 or 0808 number for your calling operations. After this, you must decide where the incoming calls shall be forwarded to, such as the agent’s mobile phone or an IVR number system.

Indian 1800 toll free numbers aren’t built to make international calls, but only receive domestic calls. 1800 numbers can surely receive international calls; however, the caller shall be charged as per their network carrier’s international calling rates. Some VoIP providers may also block international calling to prevent incurring international call charges for your business.

While toll free numbers are primarily used for customer support services by businesses everywhere, there is more to their usage than that.

  • Branding & Marketing

    Toll free numbers are easily memorable and increase your brand’s recall value. They make it easier for potential customers to initiate contact with your business. They can also be used with numerous marketing campaigns for awareness, surveys, feedback collection etc.

  • Appointment & Ticket Booking

    Businesses can set up toll free numbers for booking appointments and event tickets. Toll free calling simplifies the process for interested people and eliminates unwanted phone charges, increasing event participation.

  • Donation & Fund Raising

    Non-profit organizations can leverage toll free numbers to encourage their members and audience to contribute to a social cause through donations and charity.

Frequently asked questions

Here are some of the most asked questions about toll free business numbers.
Still don't find what you're looking for? Chat with our experts!

Call us on 1800-121-7777 and we will get you a toll free number for your business in no time.

Yes, Acefone lets you record every call made to your toll free numbers.

Yes, you can assign multiple agents to one toll free line for better availability and prompt call pickups.

A local number is linked to a specific location within a given region. On the other hand, a toll free number is location independent. Learn more about toll free numbers & Local numbers with this in-depth blog, helping you decide which one is better for your business.

To call an Indian toll free number from the US, you can follow the given format: 011 (US exit code) + 91 (India’s ISD code) + 1800 + xxx-xxxx (business toll-free phone number).

To call an Indian toll free number from the UK, you can follow the given format: 044 (UK exit code) + 91 (India’s ISD code) + 1800 + xxx-xxxx (business toll-free phone number).

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