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How Hosted Phone System Is Changing The Healthcare Industry

Communication is a significant part of a business, and businesses dealing with clients are quite familiar with the benefits that a hosted phone provides. However, certain industries are unfamiliar with the capabilities of a cloud-hosted phone. One such sector is the healthcare industry. The healthcare industry is a critical industry where each second matters, a […]

How Cloud Communication Promotes Mobility And Enhances Productivity In Your Business

We ditched telephones for mobile phones today because they are portable, and we can access it from anywhere. We know how flexible and efficient mobile phones are and have switched from telephones to mobile phones, especially for personal use. Similarly, it is important for businesses to understand the benefits of adopting the latest communication solutions. Cloud […]

6 Reasons Why You Should Switch To VoIP

For any business, seamless communication is a must, and without it, a business gets adversely affected. With the evolution of the communication medium, VoIP has proved that it is a necessity for companies because of the number of advantages it offers. It creates a brand image and a considerable customer base, which ultimately will increase […]

How To Improve Customer Service In 2020: 10 Easy Ways

A business runs through its customers. Customers must be the top priority of any business organisation. Customer service helps in achieving customer’s trust by filling the communication gap between the business organisations and its customers. Customer service has evolved over the last decade by the introduction of various technologies like contact center software, IVR, and […]

10 Ways To Choose A Hosted Phone System Provider For Your Business

Cloud technology has undergone continuous advancements over the years, which explains why organisations have recently been switching to cloud-based communication systems. The hosted phone system encompasses all the innovations and benefits of cloud technology. Hosted phone offers a lot of benefits to businesses of any size. It is cost-efficient, highly scalable, reliable, and also flexible. It […]

Hosted vs. On-premise Phone System: What To Choose?

The introduction of VoIP has changed the way businesses communicate. Statistics suggest small businesses that have switched to VoIP save 40% on local calls and 90% on international calls. Choosing the right business phone can be a confusing task when there is a variety of business phones with various features available. We are going to […]

Top 5 Industries That Benefit The Most From Inbound Contact Centres

Inbound call centers are an essential part of customer service operations for many businesses, allowing them to handle customer inquiries, complaints, and issues effectively and efficiently. They can significantly improve customer satisfaction by providing a prompt and effective response to customer inquiries and complaints. By having a dedicated team to handle customer calls, businesses can […]