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Reasons to choose VoIP.

For any business, seamless communication is a must, and without it, a business gets adversely affected.

With the evolution of the communication medium, VoIP has proved that it is a necessity for companies because of the number of advantages it offers. It creates a brand image and a considerable customer base, which ultimately will increase your sales by moving towards cloud communications.

If you think why there is a need to switch from your current phone system to cloud, then read this blog and find yourself what all innovations that VoIP is bringing in today.

1. Convenience with VoIP Technology

Traditional phones require additional hardware and complex cabling if you ever wish to add more users.  You will need a technician for its installation, making it more expensive.

Whereas, VoIP Phones are user-friendly, even if one is not familiar with the technology behind it. With its user-friendly online portal, you can simply add or remove users without the requirement of an IT specialist.

They are highly scalable and grow with your business. Seasonal businesses make the most out of scalability as they can scale up or down as per their varying business needs.

You can also make or receive calls on the go; all you need is a robust internet connection. You can do so by transferring your calls from your hosted phone to your mobile. VoIP phones are flexible as you can access them remotely from anywhere, other benefits like portability and scalability make VoIP even more convenient.

2. Customisable Advanced Features

The analog-based phones do not include any feature besides calling, but a VoIP based phone offers many advanced features that can be customised according to your individual business needs.

Let’s take a look at some of the advanced features that suit your business.

You can maintain and customise your privacy with features like call alerts, call screening, and do-not-disturb.

VoIP-based solutions like free phone number give your business a professional look and improve customer experience when they do not have to pay for contacting you.

Music on Hold will engage your customers while they are put on hold. With Call Blocking, you can block calls by area code, and with Call Conferencing, you can connect and hold meetings with your employees across the world.

There are more features like Call Forwarding and Voicemail to Email, which allows you to work remotely from anywhere. These additional features save time and increase the productivity of your business.

3. Affordable Monthly Charges

Installing a traditional phone system can be very expensive as you need to purchase extra equipment along with cable wires for installing it. You also require hiring a technician because the installation is complicated.

After some time, due to the technology upgrade, you will need to replace the hardware with the upgraded ones. Also, hardware can wear out after serving for some time, and you have to repurchase it then. Long-distance calls are costly because analog-based phones take distance of caller and receiver as a factor. 

According to statistics, small businesses that moved to VoIP save 40% on calls and 90% on international calls.

As Voice over Internet Protocol works on digital signals, it does not consider distance as a factor for the charges behind the call. That means long-distance calls are charged very less compared to traditional phones. Small businesses have a budget for their expenditures and can save a lot by investing in cloud communications.

Cloud phone systems are so easy to install that you do not need to hire a technician for its installation. You can install the phones by following simple instructions. 

Also, VoIP phones require minimum hardware; thus, you do not have to worry about hardware getting old and outdated.

4. Pay-As-You-Go Model

With a traditional phone, you have to specify in advance about the number of phone lines that you may require. Thus, you have to purchase extra phone lines in advance because your business might grow in the future, else you have to re-install the phone lines all over, increasing the installation cost. This may also end up in paying for the phone lines that are not even being used.

VoIP follows the pay-as-you-go model, where you pay only for the services that you choose. You are charged based on the plan that you choose, and the features added as per your business’ requirement.

Seasonal businesses take the best advantage of VoIP by adding or removing channels as per the varying needs of the business.

5. No Maintenance & Technology Upgrade

In traditional phone systems, you have to take care of all the hardware and software upgrades.

But with the introduction of VoIP phones, you do not have to either purchase or maintain any equipment. Through its online portal, you can install, add or remove phone lines easily, eliminating the need of a technician.

Yes! you do not have to worry about the maintenance of your VoIP phone system as your service provider is responsible for both its maintenance and upgrades. The time and effort that you save can be utilised on other important tasks that require attention.

6. Robust Security & Reliability

A disaster is a disturbance which can be a natural calamity or a network outage. It disturbs the business for a while; hence, a reliable and robust communication medium is required ensuring business continues even during unfavourable circumstances.

Traditional phones are located in the office itself; thus, communication data does not have a backup. Data once lost is not retrievable, and with an analog phone, your employees cannot work remotely.

But, in VoIP, data is stored on the cloud and is safe during disasters. VoIP phones ensure that communication continues even during uncertainties. During any disaster, your employees can work from home or anywhere by transferring the calls to their device and can access data from the cloud easily.


The above-mentioned benefits that VoIP offers will improve the ROI of your business, and the advanced features will increase the productivity of your employees. With VoIP, you get detailed reports of your agent’s performance so that you can monitor them, ensuring agents work efficiently.

Before you decide to switch to VoIP for your business, make sure that your provider offers secure and reliable VoIP services.

Know more about VoIP based phones and how they can increase productivity and improve the sales of your business; call us at 1888-859-0450.

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