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Boosting customer satisfaction with cloud telephony for a cab aggregator

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Cab aggregation in the UK has seen significant growth in recent years. The rise of cab companies has changed the way people commute and reach destinations. It has brought convenient, affordable, and reliable transportation services to the UK.

The key advantage of cab aggregation platforms is the convenience they offer to customers. Users can easily book rides from smart devices, get notified, schedule rides and do more, which saves their time.

For drivers, cab aggregation platforms offer flexible work opportunities and the potential to earn a steady income. This has encouraged many drivers to sign up with popular cab service companies.

The global cab aggregator industry, however, has faced several challenges including regulatory hurdles, driver strikes, and safety concerns. Some state governments have imposed restrictions on their operations, leading to legal battles and uncertainty in the industry.

Additionally, incidents of driver misconduct and passenger safety have raised concerns among users and led to calls for stricter regulations. We were able to address some of these concerns at Servetel/ Acefone.

Business needs of cab aggregators

Our client's platform offered coordination between passengers and cab drivers; however, they were facing some critical communication issues. Without a business phone system, passengers had to call drivers on their personal numbers, leading to unsupervised communication. As a result, there was an increase in cancellation rates, as drivers asked passengers to cancel rides to avoid paying commission.

Their cancellation rates went up to 65%. Privacy was another concern, especially for female0- passengers traveling to and from personal spaces. Incidents of harassment led to a realization that drivers needed basic customer engagement training.

Data security and privacy were also critical concerns for our client. Especially since accessing personal information through phone numbers and the risks of targeted marketing campaigns were possible.

Our experts built our client a custom solution that integrated into their existing platforms.

Boosting brand recognition with virtual numbers

After understanding what the client required, we offered them a business phone number system with virtual numbers to help them enhance their customer services. We enabled them with advanced features such as call recording, call management suite, number masking, voicemail transcription, etc.

With our virtual numbers, they were able to set up support helplines for customers to call from anywhere in the country. Those numbers also made it easy for customers to recognise their brand, which ultimately created a good first impression in the market.

Personalized features for Business Phone Numbers

Call Management

Our all-in-one call management suite allowed their support team to manage all calling and day-to-day operations.

Interactive Voice

An IVR is an in-call menu that helped our client's customers navigate themselves to the right department using the menu options faster than before.


The cloud solution recorded all agent-customer interactions, which were sent to the supervisors via email reports to track overall performance.


Remote teams could access their data by logging into the cloud through their personal devices from any part of the world.


An intuitive feature that helped agents ensure each call went to the best-qualified department or agent based on their skills.

Free SMS

Agents would receive SMS alerts every time they missed a customer call to ensure maximum client engagement along with maximum growth.


An easy-to-use and highly efficient dashboard with a simple and intuitive interface that anyone could use.


Our client was able to expand their customer base while staying connected with their loyal customers through number porting.


Our client was able to connect their cloud solution with their favorite CRM platforms to meet their specific needs.


Call recordings helped our client's support team identify areas where improvements could be made and train employees accordingly.

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How the automobile reseller benefitted from Business Phone Numbers

The virtual numbers we provided offered several benefits for the automobile reseller’s customer support, including:


Business phone numbers helped the recently launched business to leave a lasting impression on customers. Having dedicated numbers for their business gave the impression of an established organization rather than a new one.

Improved customer service

Our client witnessed a significant improvement in their standards of customer service by implementing business phone numbers to their support campaigns. They could manage calls more efficiently and ensure that customers were connected to the right representative quickly.

Expanded Reach

Business phone numbers can be accessed from anywhere, letting the automobile business provide continuous support. They could assist clients in different regions, states, or even countries. With this solution, our client could build a nationwide customer care network.


Business phone numbers are cheaper than traditional phone numbers, allowing businesses to reduce expenses while still providing high-quality services. It helped our client to provide high-quality services to a greater number of customers without hiring extra staff.

Call tracking and analysis

Business phone numbers allow businesses to monitor their calls, gaining valuable information about customer requirements and areas for improvement. By utilizing these insights, our clients made well-informed strategic choices that resulted in tangible enhancements to their services.


Business phone numbers allow businesses to customize their call routing and messaging to meet their customers' specific needs. It helped them ensure that they were always available to provide the support that their customers needed. Our client used this feature particularly well to optimize their call flows as per their customer needs.

Overall, business phone numbers helped the automobile businesses provide better customer service and improve other areas of operations. Some other changes they experienced were increased access, fewer expenses, faster connections with customers, and nonstop support.

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