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How to Choose Best Device for Your VoIP Solution

Should you Use a Dedicated IP phone, a Softphone, or Just your Mobile Device with Your VoIP Solution?

Business phones are crucial components of business communications. Not only are they needed for interacting with customers, but they also enable seamless communication between employees. Over time, offerings of business phones have improved tremendously. From being a measly phone box, crawling its wires across the office floors, business phone lines are now taking the advantages […]

Why Millenials are Rapidly Adopting Cloud Technology

Why Millenials are Rapidly Adopting Cloud Technology

We regularly come across terms like baby boomers, Gen Z, and millennials in multiple conversations about ‘generational gaps’ and the tech-savviness of millennials are often one of the points of discussion.  For the uninitiated, millennial refers to anyone who was born between 1980 and 2000, effectively putting them in the age bracket of 21-41 currently. […]

What is DDoS Attack

DDoS Attacks: What are They and How to Secure your Systems Against One

In the world of cybercrime, targeting of businesses is commonplace.  It is not just large businesses that are threatened by such attacks. Unfortunately, whether an organisation is big or small, the vulnerability exists. And it is important to be cognizant of disruptions that such attacks can bring about.  This is certainly an important topic for […]