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Omnichannel is Booming

Omnichannel Communication Is Booming, Here’s Why

The modern market is incredibly diverse. From young people who prefer social media and texts, to older people who might be more comfortable with calling and emails, you need to attract and enable all demographics to communicate with you. And you guessed it—establishing an omnichannel presence is just the way to do that. Omnichannel communication […]

Improve Operational Efficiency In Your Call Centre

7 Guaranteed Tips To Improve Operational Efficiency In Your Call Centre

Customers are the priority for every business. Therefore, call centres—the first point of contact between your company and consumers—are an integral part of business operations.  Increased productivity and reduced operational costs in the contact centre depend on the work efficiency of representatives. However, it is only natural for agents to make mistakes sometimes that may […]

Leverage SIP Trunks For Business

Here’s How To Leverage SIP Trunks For Your Business

Businesses generally tend to use a conventional telecom set up to meet their communication needs. They use a classic Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN), which is a circuit switch network requiring physical connections between two nodes for a call to connect. This is incredibly archaic and is thrusting most modern organisations towards SIP trunking because […]