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Business Texting Etiquette – 10 Proven Tips for Leaving Great Impressions

Texting came into our lives with the advent of cellular phones over two decades ago. It remained a convenient way to communicate between friends, family, and acquaintances for quite a while.  Over a period of time, however, businesses began to uncover the benefits of simpler and faster communication through instant messaging. Mass messaging became the […]

Effective Sales Onboarding: How SaaS can Help Sync your Sales and Support Team

To generate increased profits and higher customer satisfaction, an organisation’s sales and support teams need to work in sync. Thus, it seems logical to use the latest technology available to ensure both teams can work as effectively as possible and deliver unparalleled results. SaaS or Software as a Service is a solution that can benefit […]

Chatbots and Human Agents: Which is Better for Customer Service?

The man vs machine battle has now reached its peak.  With the advent of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) programmes, efficiency, both in terms of work and costs, has improved dramatically.  Businesses are now actively seeking services that allow automation of previously monotonous work. Amid this search, businesses are forgoing one of the […]

How Acefone’s Features Ensure Easy and Seamless Calling?

We all know the frustrations of a poor connection—the inability to comprehend voice calls that drop mid-sentence, or worse, missing a message owing to the lack of basic tools.  Whatever your communications issues have been in the past, Acefone is sure to have the solution you need. Acefone is the UK’s leading and trusted cloud […]

Should you Use a Dedicated IP phone, a Softphone, or Just your Mobile Device with Your VoIP Solution?

Business phones are crucial components of business communications. Not only are they needed for interacting with customers, but they also enable seamless communication between employees. Over time, offerings of business phones have improved tremendously. From being a measly phone box, crawling its wires across the office floors, business phone lines are now taking the advantages […]

4 Ways Freelance Agencies can Go PRO with a Virtual Phone System

Freelancing is the perfect way to do what you love and get paid for it. You get to work on your own terms—decide who you work with, define your working hours, choose your projects, and so forth without having to go through common work troubles like office politics or long commute hours. Many freelancers work […]

Are you prepared for the PSTN Shutdown in 2025

Back in 2015, there was an announcement by BT that PSTN networks in the UK will move towards closure and completely shut down in 2025. The countdown has begun, with just about 3 years left to the grand shutdown. It is important to be aware of the changes one can expect, the reasons behind these […]

Why Millenials are Rapidly Adopting Cloud Technology

We regularly come across terms like baby boomers, Gen Z, and millennials in multiple conversations about ‘generational gaps’ and the tech-savviness of millennials are often one of the points of discussion.  For the uninitiated, millennial refers to anyone who was born between 1980 and 2000, effectively putting them in the age bracket of 21-41 currently. […]

Top 5 Practices to Offer Better Self-Service

Self-service technologies or SSTs are service interfaces that a customer can use without the help of an operator.  An ATM (Automated Teller Machine) was the first self-service technology introduced to us. It replaced the people who usually dispense money at banks or help us check our account balance.  In fact, the self-service technology market was […]

DDoS Attacks: What are They and How to Secure your Systems Against One

In the world of cybercrime, targeting of businesses is commonplace.  It is not just large businesses that are threatened by such attacks. Unfortunately, whether an organisation is big or small, the vulnerability exists. And it is important to be cognizant of disruptions that such attacks can bring about.  This is certainly an important topic for […]

Top Features of Zoho CRM Integration with your Hosted Phone System

Zoho’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is an award-winning omnichannel platform that helps businesses convert more leads, engage effectively with customers, and much more. Zoho CRM brings together all of a business’s customer service, communications, and information in one place. To easily access and refer to customer data on the go, you can integrate your hosted […]

How and Why to Get a Free Phone Number in the UK

No matter how rapidly technology advances, it can never replace the connections humans build with each other. This is why, even today, when customers have myriad tools to gain query resolution, they still prefer to connect with a contact centre agent over a phone call. It is this need for human interaction that makes free […]

A Complete Guide to VoIP: Tips, Definition, Types, Features, Benefits, and Things to Consider Before Installation

Is your organisation still using the regular telephone line to contact your customers? Are you grappling to cope with the current remote working environment due to the infrastructure that these regular telephone lines demand? If yes, Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is the right choice for you. The higher rate of VoIP adoption has resulted […]

Driving Exceptional Customer Service through Video Calling!

The relationship between brands and customers has evolved rapidly over the past few years. With this new digital era, the introduction of social media, as well as improving communication technology, has brought the entire world much closer.  This is also reflected in the dynamics between customers and companies. Businesses today are constantly on the lookout […]

Dissecting an Effective SaaS Omnichannel Lead Acquisition Strategy

Leads are the starting point for any business setup, and the number and growth of these leads translate directly into the operation’s success. In simple terms, more qualified leads = more sales.  The importance of lead generation and nurturing for business success is evident from the necessity of the ‘door-to-door’ salesmen, who relied on their […]