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What is Blockchain Technology

What Is Blockchain Technology? How is it Used Across Different Industries?

Technological innovations have enabled businesses to break through the barriers of cyber threats, data security, and authenticity. One such ground-breaking invention is—blockchain technology. Though you may think of cryptocurrencies and bitcoins when we talk of blockchain, the technology offers a multitude of benefits. It supports businesses across industry verticals to thrive and overcome numerous challenges. […]

XaaS Anything as a Service

XaaS: The ‘Anything and Everything As a Service’ Era Is Here

Centralised access to business-critical information isn’t a luxury in your organisational ecosystem anymore—but a prerequisite.   With COVID-19 coming back in waves, businesses have had to continue working in a remote environment. While the remote work model is pandemic-proof, it may not be efficient if implemented with on-premise infrastructure.  Let us explain why. Your in-house team […]

Tackle The Economic Recession With Cloud Communications

Cloud Fits the Cost: Low Budget, Big Dreams

The world is in disarray.  The COVID-19 pandemic hit humanity like a tsunami and has spread to all seven continents. For most of last year, a worldwide shutdown was in place to contain and minimise the health risks posed by the virus. Even today, most countries around the world are adopting a policy of localised […]

Using A Firewall To Secure VoIP Phone System

Why You Should Be Using a Firewall to Secure Your VoIP System

VoIP or Voice Over Internet Protocol is a telephony system that plays an important role in taking charge of communication for businesses. One major advantage of VoIP telephony is that it does not need any additional hardware, like telephone lines, to function.  Calls over VoIP only require stable Internet connectivity. This allows businesses to have […]

Enhance Customer Experience in Banking Solutions Through Hosted Phone Systems

Enhance Customer Experience in Banking Solutions by Switching to Hosted Phone Systems

Delivering contextual and seamless customer experiences (CX) is vital to business success. Every interaction plays a crucial role in shaping long-term customer relationships. Across sectors, customers determine the value of your brand based on the CX you provide. Considering the banking sector––what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Long queues, continuously ringing […]