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Give Your Start-up a Cloud-Empowered Boost In A Disrupted World Economy

Technology has helped companies expand successfully despite facing several challenges—even more so for start-ups.  The most important part of establishing your start-up is to strike the right chord with your target audience. Your contact centre plays a cardinal role in connecting with customers and reflecting your brand in the right way. Therefore, you need to […]

2021 Trends In The Retail Industry To Watch Out For

The year 2020 was a challenge for all businesses, large and small. The retail industry was one of the worst-hit in the pandemic as many brick-and-mortar stores were forced to close their shutters due to the pandemic situation. People were not able to visit stores, strict restrictions on limiting the crowd were enforced, and many […]

7 Invaluable Lessons That The COVID-19 Pandemic Has Taught Us And How We Can Apply Them In 2021

The year 2020 was tough, to say the least. COVID-19 changed the way organisations functioned. Businesses were thrown off-track and forced to pull their shutters down on brick-and-mortars to adhere to social distancing norms.  Needless to say, the impact of this on business processes was huge too. Stakeholders were left confused about how to manage […]

5 Ways To Make a Better Home Office

COVID-19 pandemic has deeply affected all aspects of our lives. We can’t tell what the future holds, but the world will surely be a different place. Among the various changes we’ve incorporated, remote working is definitely here to stay. Therefore, it’s essential to create a better home office experience—for both your employees as well as […]

How Will The Contact Centre Work After Five Years?

Contact centres are essential for businesses because they bridge the gap between organisations and customers. And they have evolved tremendously—from stand-alone operational kiosks to multi-functional platforms through which customers can reach out to you.  However, the belief that contact centres are best accessible through phone lines is still prevalent.  It’s notable though, that contact centres […]

The Complete Guide To 24/7 Support For Your Contact Centre

The importance of contact centres goes far beyond answering customer calls. It is the focal point to attract consumers and build trust among your target audience. Even if your agents are unable to resolve issues spontaneously, the assurance that somebody is always available to help will result in happier customers.  Nurturing this satisfaction is possible […]

The Pandemic Impact: A Look Into Virtual Numbers For Four Industries

Virtual numbers have various uses across multiple industries. There’s a long list of benefits associated with the service, including enhancing marketing strategies and helping your business bounce back from the impact of the pandemic. Now, more than ever, businesses need to stand out from the crowd to ensure they capture customer attention. The COVID-19 crisis […]

Automatic Speech Recognition: The Next Step In Contact Centre Solutions

Technology is ever-evolving, and every few days, there’s the next big thing that’s making waves. Contact centre technology, too, has discovered its game-changer––Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR).  With advancements in time and innovations such as machine learning, big data, and artificial intelligence, ASR has become the edge that businesses need. Most hosted phone systems can have […]