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Is Hosted Phone System Secure?

When adopting any new technology, it is natural to have concerns over security and moving to a hosted phone system is no different. If you are used to your traditional phone system, you might not be too sure how secure a phone system and storing information in the cloud is. So, we’re here to answer […]

6 Benefits Of Having An IVR Number For Your Business

An Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is a technology that allows a computer to interact with callers through the use of voice input via telephone keypad. This technology allows you to filter customers through to the correct department, saving you time and money. Save Your Agents Time By allowing your customers to pre-select options based on […]

How Cloud Phone Systems Are Transforming Businesses

Traditional phone systems were designed for businesses who are exclusively office-based and, while this worked for many businesses, the way we work has changed; something which traditional phone systems just haven’t kept up with. This is where cloud phone systems have come in, supporting the changes in business and allowing businesses to progress into modern […]

How To Design An IVR That Customers Will Love

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is a technology that allows interaction with callers before they reach an operator; giving you the ability to gather the required information and route the calls to the right operator. With a hosted PBX system, you can implement an IVR which can help ease the journey your customers go through when […]

5 Must-Have Tools For Call Centre Agents

A cloud phone system provides all the tools call center agents need to provide an outstanding service to customers, no matter where you are based. Here, we’ve put together our five must-have tools for call center agents. Call Alerts Make sure you start all your calls professionally with call alerts. A call alert lets you […]

Top 5 Features Of Hosted Phone System

A hosted phone system gives your business access to many exciting features a traditional phone system can’t offer. If you’re considering making the change to a cloud-hosted phone system but aren’t sure which features could benefit your business the most, we’ve put together some of the top features which can be used with hosted phone […]