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Lessons To Learn From Customer Experience Stats

10 Customer Experience Stats To Learn From For 2021

Here are two cliches for you: Customer is king, and the numbers don’t lie. In this blog, we’re attempting to combine the two.  Businesses worldwide have begun to realise the importance of customer service. Not only does it affect your reputation and position in the market, but your revenue and profits too.  No matter which […]

Harry Potter In The Land Of Cloud Communication

What If Harry Potter Lived In The World of Cloud Technologies?

Hold up.  We know that in JK Rowling’s expansive universe, magic interferes with “muggle” technology—or as Arthur Weasley says, “eckeltricity”. But, what if it didn’t? What if Harry and his friends could integrate their magic with the benefits of modern technologies? Specifically, could certain tragedies have been prevented with better communication (courtesy the Cloud)? Would […]