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UCaaS vs CPaaS Infographic

[infographic] Differences between UCaaS and CPaaS

Businesses are moving on from on-premise systems to cloud-based communication platforms. Once they ascertain their communication needs, companies can select a service that they think suits their organisational goals and caters well to their target audience. Unified Communication as a Service (UCaaS) and Communication Platform as a Service (CPaaS) are cloud communication solutions that offer […]

How Cloud Cryptography Helps You To Transfer Content Safely?

How Cloud Cryptography Helps You Transfer Content Safely?

Cloud cryptography uses encryption techniques that protect the data stored within the cloud. It protects your data from cloud operators, ensuring that it isn’t manipulated or saved on unauthorised servers.  To prevent this breach of data, cryptography in the cloud employs encryption techniques that allow users to access cloud services securely. The data hosted is […]