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Why Every Business Needs VoIP Solutions

VoIP solutions are an ideal addition to any business owner who is serious about improving their communications and bringing their company into the 21st century. With innovative solutions providing a range of amazing features and giving staff the freedom to work from wherever they want to, every business no matter if they are large or […]

How Hosted Phone Solutions Can Help You Maintain Productivity During Outbreaks like Coronavirus

Coronavirus has wreaked havoc on the business world, but your business can still remain just as productive with the right equipment. Some businesses have unfortunately been forced to close as they do not have the infrastructure to support home workers. However, with a hosted phone system your staff can connect to your phone system with […]

How Vanity Numbers Boost Marketing Campaigns

You might not have considered a vanity number as part of your marketing campaign, but this could provide a perfect opportunity for you to split test, monitor leads and really see your return on investment and the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. There are different types of vanity number to choose from, each having a […]

How To Foster Collaboration In Your Call Center Team

To provide the best possible service to your customers, the collaboration between your staff is key. Customers expect a smooth, efficient service and teams who do not collaborate will not be able to provide this exemplary service – a factor which could be the deciding factor between a customer choosing your business and the business […]