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Expert Opinion: An Inside Look at Customer Experience Strategies with Katie Stabler

Modern-day customers demand more than just satisfactory prices and standard services. These buyers are empowered like never before, and exceptional service is the only way to stand out and drive customer loyalty. Customer experience, thus, is no longer merely a part of your strategy—it is a way of doing business and maintaining relations.  In fact, […]

5 Movies That Teach You Lessons On Business And Leadership

Whether it is the transient ups and downs of Chris Gardner’s life, who makes efforts to protect his family from sliding into poverty and struggling between life and death or a compelling story of a young, impatient stockbroker with a desire to get rich and the harder lessons he learns. Movies are entertaining, but when […]

6 Ingredients For A CX Recipe Your Customers Will Love

‘Customer is king’ is undisputed even in this day and age. Needless to say, all the power rests within the hands of the customers. And this is a truth that businesses need to understand well. Customers are pillars of success and can make or break the future of any company.  Thus, businesses must deliver an […]

How To Get a Free Phone Number Set Up on Your Business Phone?

Free phone numbers are essentially business phone numbers that allow customers to call a business for free. These numbers are made up of three-digit prefix codes, that are, 800, and 808 in the United Kingdom. Why does your business need free phone numbers? 1. Impart a professional edge to your firm Showcase your professionalism by […]

Handling Unhappy Customers Is Now Easier Than You Think. Here’s How. [Infographic]

Handling customer calls all day long can be daunting and tiresome. You will come across a variety of customers. While some of them are really courteous, others can be a nightmare and an unpleasant experience altogether.  Sometimes, you may have to deal with irate customers who are unhappy with the product or the experience they […]

Delivering Perfect Customer Experience With Netflix: See What’s Next

It’s a cold, lazy Friday night, and you have no plans whatsoever—thanks to the exhausting week at work. But who said Friday nights are meant for parties anyway? No, instead imagine this: You curl up in bed in your cosy pyjamas, get some snacks, and binge the latest content on Netflix—all alone, enjoying every bit […]

Expert Opinion : Putting “Customer” In Customer Experience With Annette Franz

Modern-day businesses are competing to serve the best customer experiences (CX) possible, and rightly so. After all, the way your customers think and feel about your brand impacts their purchasing decisions. And happy customers are likely to become returning shoppers and build a strong image for your brand. Needless to say, providing great customer service […]

5 Tips To Retain Customers During A Global Crisis

Let’s begin with an example: Suppose there is a bucket with several holes in its base and walls. A hose is put into the bucket to fill it with water. Since the bucket has holes, the water will leak. Here, the water going into the bucket represents new customers that are acquired by a brand. […]

Expert Opinion Series: The Subtle Art of Mastering CX with Shep Hyken

Your company’s relationship with the customers can be considered much more than improving your product ratings or reducing wait times. Understanding the customer journey is all about learning what your customers actually want and what their pain points are.  Customers don’t just buy stuff from you. They establish a whole journey of decisions, purchases, and […]

New Age Contact Centres: 5 Trends To Know

Table of content → Rise of virtual call centres → AI is here to stay → Speech analytics: future of actionable big-data → Extension of self-service options → Omnichannel contact centre Change is inevitable.  Over the years, customer demands and expectations have changed and evolved considerably. Moreover, the concept of consumer experience has taken a […]

15 Customer Service Stats You Just Can’t Ignore [Infographic]

Ever wondered why most people visit their favourite coffee place again and again? Why is it that some brands are able to retain most of their customers? And, more so, how can one ensure the same customer sticks with them in the long run? The answer lies in the degree of customer service brands offer […]

6 Reasons Why Remote Working Isn’t Just For Lockdown, It’s Here To Stay

We are navigating through some uncertain times right now. The outbreak of COVID-19 needs companies to increase corporate resilience, ensure the safety of their employees and do it all virtually! COVID-19 has reset major work trends and compelled HR leaders to rethink employee management, planning, performance, and strategies. Most of the enterprises across the globe […]

How To Create An Effective Business Continuity Plan?

In 2005, Hurricane Katrina suddenly and strongly swept through American states, damaging everything in its course. Among the businesses affected was the law firm, Breazeale Sachse & Wilson LLP. They had faced considerable losses, including access to client and business data. The firm confirmed they had no data backup strategy, nor did they save the […]