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Create an Amazing Customer Experience

Expert Opinion: Create an Amazing Customer Experience that Turns Satisfied Customers into Brand Advocates

Businesses nowadays are struggling to upgrade their customer experience strategies to reduce customer churn rate and increase revenues—leading to a better position in the…
Expert Opinion Redefine Customer Experiences

Expert Opinion: Redefine Customer Experiences to Future-proof your Business

From the way we connect with people to how we consume information and purchase goods—we prefer everything to be seamless and quick.  The scenario is no different for…
Transforming Your Customer Experience With Steve Towers

Expert Opinion: Towering and Transforming Your Customer Experience

“Rather than making organisations focus on what they do, focus on what they deliver” - Steve Towers The digital age is changing the customer experience landscape. It…
Reboot Your Customer Experience With Ingrid Lindberg

Expert Opinion: The Key To Winning New Customers Is To Retain The Existing Ones

Customer service has undergone a paradigm shift owing to the increasingly competitive landscape. The fundamental principle of enhancing customer experience is retaining existing…
Expert Opinion On How To Win A Customer

Expert Opinion: It Takes Months to Win a Customer But a Second to Lose One

It doesn't matter how amazing your product is. If you fail to deliver a good customer experience (CX), your company is bound to lose customers and sales in the long run. A…
expert Opinion Interview With Mosun Shasore

Expert Opinion: How to Deliver Remarkable Customer Experience (and Why it’s so Important)

Did you know Google searches for the term ‘customer experience’ have nearly tripled in the last decade? Why won’t they be; customer-centricity is the key to business…