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Amp Up Your Data Security Levels with Two Factor Authentication

Customer Privacy: Adding an Extra Layer of Security with Two-Factor Authentication

Technology has evolved over time and so have the risks that surround it. Though businesses have been embracing innovative security approaches, the threat posed by cyber attackers…
Mind Blowing Omnichannel Statistics Infographic

18 Mind-Blowing Omnichannel Statistics That Every Business Should Know For 2021

Omnichannel solutions are designed to deliver a unified experience to customers across different communication channels—phone calls, live chats, emails, in-app chats, social…
UCaaS vs CPaaS Infographic

[infographic] Differences between UCaaS and CPaaS

Businesses are moving on from on-premise systems to cloud-based communication platforms. Once they ascertain their communication needs, companies can select a service that…
Lessons To Learn From Customer Experience Stats

10 Customer Experience Stats To Learn From For 2021

Here are two cliches for you: Customer is king, and the numbers don’t lie. In this blog, we’re attempting to combine the two.  Businesses worldwide have begun to realise…
Steps To Get Free Phone Number Infographic

How To Get a Free Phone Number Set Up on Your Business Phone?

Free phone numbers are essentially business phone numbers that allow customers to call a business for free. These numbers are made up of three-digit prefix codes, that are,…
Tips To handle Unhappy Customers

Handling Unhappy Customers Is Now Easier Than You Think. Here's How. [Infographic]

Handling customer calls all day long can be daunting and tiresome. You will come across a variety of customers. While some of them are really courteous, others can be a…