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Mind Blowing Omnichannel Statistics Infographic

Omnichannel solutions are designed to deliver a unified experience to customers across different communication channels—phone calls, live chats, emails, in-app chats, social media and chatbots. 

The omnichannel approach has set a new benchmark for offering exceptional customer service. 

Omnichannel support for popular platforms is one of the most efficient ways to hook your customers to your services. This allows customers to easily start a conversation on any communication channel. 

Omnichannel is on the rise also due to customer expectations. A report from Forrester revealed that 73% of the customers say a smooth customer experience is built on businesses “valuing their time”. Thus, an omnichannel approach can help upgrade your customer support experience. 

Sounds interesting? Read on for some mind-blowing statistics about omnichannel communications. 

An omnichannel approach has become the need of customers

Your customers will try to reach out to your brand through different platforms and channels. They require immediate action on queries, whether it is submitting a ticket on the website, writing a tweet, or mailing an agent. Thus, it really becomes necessary for your business to engage on different platforms. 

Omnichannel provides customer satisfaction

Offering an omnichannel customer experience is not just an option anymore, it is mandatory. Every brand should realise that today’s customer is browsing on different channels at all times. By including an omnichannel approach and providing a quick resolve, you will be able to establish a lasting relationship with your customers.

Shoppers engage with brands having a variety of channels

Omnichannel retail is a multichannel approach to sales that focuses on providing a smooth experience to customers wherever they may shop from—mobile, desktop, or brick and mortar stores. 

This revised approach not only increases sales but also improves your customer loyalty.

It’s contagious

By understanding the growing customer satisfaction levels, many businesses are going the omnichannel way. Old ways—multichannel— are being replaced by a more centralised approach of communicating with customers and building relationships.

18 Mind-Blowing Omnichannel Statistics That Every Business Should Know For 2021


Businesses must be present on the channels their customer is most comfortable with. Since customers now use several channels, omnichannel communications help businesses succeed in reaching customers where they are. Finally, using an omnichannel approach provides your customers with a level of service that will set you apart from your competition.

If you want to learn more about the omnichannel approach to grow your business and improve customer experience, connect with our experts today at 1888-859-0450 for a consultation.

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