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Expert Opinion On How To Win A Customer

Expert Opinion: It Takes Months to Win a Customer But a Second to Lose One

It doesn't matter how amazing your product is. If you fail to deliver a good customer experience (CX), your company is bound to lose customers and sales in the long run. A…
expert Opinion Interview With Mosun Shasore

Expert Opinion: How to Deliver Remarkable Customer Experience (and Why it’s so Important)

Did you know Google searches for the term ‘customer experience’ have nearly tripled in the last decade? Why won’t they be; customer-centricity is the key to business…
Expert Opinion Blog By Shane

Expert Opinion: Conquer The Battleground Of Customer Service Challenges With Shane Goldberg

In the long haul, customer retention pays off better than acquisition—this is why companies are focussing more on delivering a competent customer experience (CX) that makes…
CX Expert Naeem Arif Offers Tips on How to Ace Customer Service

Experts Speak: Here’s Everything You Need to Know About CX by Naeem Arif

Business landscapes may be ever-evolving, but here’s one ultimate rule: how you prioritise customer service inevitably defines what your business means to you and to your…
Customer Service Interview With Ian Golding

Phone An Expert: Mastering Customer Service with Ian Golding

What do my customers want? Am I catering to their needs satisfactorily? What more can I do?  In a market as consumer-centric as the one we see today, these questions often…
Expert Opinion Interview With Katie

Expert Opinion: An Inside Look at Customer Experience Strategies with Katie Stabler

Modern-day customers demand more than just satisfactory prices and standard services. These buyers are empowered like never before, and exceptional service is the only way…