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There are many phrases that teach you how to be successful. Burning the midnight oil, putting in the elbow grease, making hay while the sun shines—they’re all cheerful and inspirational, but don’t attempt to hide the hard work that goes into making a success story. Naturally, this precious human labor should not be wasted in menial tasks. Instead, companies must learn to focus their energies on creative, productive outcomes. In 2020, push your employees to be the best versions of themselves by taking the weight off of mundane tasks. How can you achieve that? A seamless option is by opting for cloud communication services for your business.

Think about it—there’s little to no hardware requirements, and cloud telephony is abundantly scalable. All you need is competent software and an excellent provider who can provide the best package. Its offerings are customizable to a great degree and have the bandwidth for multiple brand personas, campaigns and product segmentation. Three of those offerings, especially, have the potential to inject life into your business and take it to the next level. As you might have guessed from the headline, we are talking about virtual numbers, OTP verification and voice broadcasting.

To the uninitiated, these three terms sound like technical jargon. A good businessperson, however, does their research on all types of workflow management services—however foreign they may seem—before making a decision. Here’s how a virtual phone number, an OTP service and a voice broadcasting solution can ramp up revenue:

Keep your customer experience sky-high

Virtual numbers allow voice calls without the need for physical phone lines. Opting for one for your company, especially during difficult times like the coronavirus outbreak, helps to keep your customer relationship management score high.

virtual phone number allows you to have a single point of contact, thereby avoiding personal and professional confusions when agents shift to working from home. Call volumes might increase as customers enquire about new offers, emergency updates, existing dues, or have shipment queries. With no requirement to set up new infrastructure—or employing more agents—you can save up on unnecessary expenditure that can be used elsewhere. Working from home can also sometimes mean using personal resources to meet daily targets, but a virtual phone number won’t let customers know the difference, as you can forward all calls to your office extension.

When deciding on a number, make sure to pick one that is most in sync with your company’s current—or future—positioning. If you plan to expand to different geographic areas that may have markedly different consumers, investing in a local phone number (or multiple, with different state codes) makes for a trustworthy beginning. To convert curious callers in your new market—they are potential paying customers, after all—integrate your virtual phone number with an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system. An added level of automation to voice calls, it provides professional-sounding messaging and preset menus that efficiently inform customers of your company’s offerings. A self-service menu here can even let callers have a taste of what to expect from your problem-solving strategies. When it comes to enhancing customer experience, the sky’s the limit.

Virtual phone numbers from cloud telephony firms like Acefone come equipped with management software that’s easy to use and understand. A central dashboard is configured with call recording and analysis tools and can generate push reports for managers to study and improve problem areas. Reviewing and feedback are critical for any company to grow, as is a high return on investment. A ‘pay-as-you-use’ model, therefore, becomes ideal if you’d like to test the waters for virtual numbers before diving in headfirst. Should you choose to take the plunge, we’ll be there to catch you.

Eliminate fraud in everyday operations

If your company hopes to become the cream of the crop in e-commerce, non-banking financial assets, or any sector that requires confidentiality (like telemedicine or online counselling, for example), then an OTP SMS service should be at the top of your security checklist. Customers need to see that you are serious about their private information and that they have more to bank on than just your word. An OTP service, thus, adds a strong layer of verification that eases new user tensions.

An OTP (One Time Password) is created from a randomly generated string of numbers and/or letters. This special code is set into action when customers put in a request into your portal that requires authentication—such as booking an appointment, creating a user account, or putting in credit card information before purchase. The code, once received by the user, can be punched in via SMS, voice calls or an e-mail link. Most consumers today are familiar with how OTP works, so there’s not much explaining you have to do—it’s almost become an intuitive part of using the Internet.

Acefone’s swift OTP service sends a code immediately when a user makes a request. The API overrides a smartphone’s Do Not Disturb filter, making sure the customer’s request is not cancelled, timed out or has to be re-entered.

If your website offers free services that don’t depend on purchases, then an OTP service is a clear way to show consumers your company is credible and still means business. For example, if you’re offering online classes or free seminars, parse your active user pool using SMS’s that come with instant delivery receipts. Customers can also use the OTP verification to reactivate old accounts, reset passwords, terminate their old accounts. Want to reach out to a large pool of customers in one go? That’s possible too, via a bulk option.

Wonderfully, there are many fail-safes for this fail-safe! In case any codes fail to deliver, a voice call can complete the process. Integrate your caller database into the OTP service, to make sure you don’t miss out on any leads. If one code doesn’t seem credible enough, customers can opt into two-factor authentication. If you can’t think of how to succinctly word your outreach SMS’s, Acefone also has message templates on hand to make the process easy.

Leave a memorable market footprint

Social media advertising budgets are likely to hit 48 billion US dollars by next year. Consumers are hit with thousands of colorful, visual ads daily, and have reached the tipping point—so much so, that many choose to now go on social media detoxes that provide relief from shiny consumerism. Many of these ad budgets also forget one crucial factor—there are millions of customers who might be curious about your product or service, but don’t have an Internet connection. What kind of outreach programme should you add to your arsenal, then, when planning campaigns? A voice broadcasting solution.

Don’t waste time on cold calling, when your agents’ skills and productive work hours could be used elsewhere. Quickly set up a secure voice campaign without any hardware hassles and connect with untapped consumers to grow your marketing database. Since this voice broadcasting service is encrypted and high-quality, it makes for an immediately good impression.

Multiple campaigns can be easily administered through a central portal and can be customized as per your product or segmentation needs. Written a killer script but can’t vocalize it well? A robust text-to-speech engine can do the trick. Share your introductory or sale offers, intimate customers about special deals and loyalty programmes, and any other important notifications with a single tap. If you’re worried you’re not getting enough returns, widen your outreach with automated call retries. You can also be notified of users who have put their numbers on Do Not Call lists, which helps save time to find more willing customers.

Once your voice broadcasting campaign successfully goes through, immediately patch interested callers to live agents. This conversion rate can be tracked through scheduled reports, and any troubleshooting solved via 24/7 customer support from the cloud telephony provider.

The climb to the top isn’t easy…

In fact, for every breakthrough, you might suffer five losses. The customers who can make or break your business’ success know and understand this tricky path. At the same time, your company must be willing to show them that it has the dedication to install modern-day features to make the customer experience as easy as possible. Miscommunication is quickly forgiven, but mismanagement is rarely forgotten.

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