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7 Time Management Tips For Call Centre Managers

In a call centre, there are a lot of tasks going on at the same time. This makes it easy for the employees and managers to get distracted and lose track of time completely. This is why it is important to manage time, especially for a call centre manager. Time management skill is highly desired […]

Music On Hold: All You Need To Know

Have you ever contacted a business and waited in the queue before being connected to an agent? It gets quite boring when you just sit there waiting, isn’t it? But when there is some music, the hold doesn’t feel as much of a wait as it would be without one. As we listen to that […]

9 Benefits of VoIP Phone System For Small Business

VoIP Phone System or Business Phone System or Hosted Phone System or Cloud PBX doesn’t matter what you call it, it is the backbone of business communication in the current scenario. VoIP phone systems are basically cloud-based communication solutions that allow the business to make or receive calls over the internet, providing an alternate way […]

6 Benefits Of Hosted Phone In The Retail Industry

Hosted phones are widely used in customer service, and one such industry is the retail sector. The retail market includes increasing competitors; thus, it is essential to stand out from your competition by simplifying interactions with customers. Retailers need to keep up with customer’s queries and must be available for them all the time. Customers, […]

Top 7 VoIP Trends To Watch In 2020 [Infographic]

Many businesses have switched to VoIP from analog phones because of the benefits that the former provides. As we are stepping into 2020, every business is aiming to increase productivity and promote collaboration through enterprise mobility. VoIP technology has simplified, streamlined, and improvised the way business communicates, and it is here to stay, grow, and […]

6 Ways How Omnichannel Communication Provide Your Customers A Better Experience

Omnichannel communication is a way to approach the customer across different communication media while maintaining a seamless experience. It means irrespective of the communication channel, the customer is communicating through the voice calls, chat, email, or social media, the agent can continue the same conversation over different channels. With omnichannel communication, the customer has the […]

5 Benefits of Cloud Call Centre for Travel Industry

Travelling has been on the rise for the past few decades. It has become more of a hobby for many people nowadays. While on the one hand, a greater number of people are willing to travel, on the other hand, the travel and hospitality industry is experiencing a boom! According to Adobe Digital Insights, the […]

9 Benefits of Integrating CRM With Hosted Phone System

CRM or Customer Relation Management offers so much to gain for a business. The biggest benefit of CRM is building a stronger relationship with your new, as well as existing customers. Customer Relation Management (CRM) software can be defined as a tool for businesses to  manage the interactions and relationships with the customers  by saving […]

25 Important VoIP Statistics You Need to Know

Voice Over Internet Protocol or VoIP is a communication service that allows the user to make calls using the internet rather than the traditional phone lines. VoIP is significantly cheaper than the traditional PSTN or ISDN lines. VoIP has made international and local calls very feasible, and this is one reason that businesses are opting […]