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How call conferencing keeps your team connected.

How Call Conference Keeps Your Team Connected

Nowadays, working from home is becoming a common practice among businesses. Though it can be an effective strategy, there is a chance of it falling apart if proper communication among the team members is absent. Thus, to eliminate the chances of that happening, many organisations take different measures to ensure the connectivity among the team […]

Time Management Tips For Call Centre Agents

7 Time Management Tips For Call Centre Managers

In a call centre, there are a lot of tasks going on at the same time. This makes it easy for the employees and managers to get distracted and lose track of time completely. This is why it is important to manage time, especially for a call centre manager. Time management skill is highly desired […]

All You Need To Know About Music On Hold Feature.

Music On Hold: All You Need To Know

Have you ever contacted a business and waited in the queue before being connected to an agent? It gets quite boring when you just sit there waiting, isn’t it? But when there is some music, the hold doesn’t feel as much of a wait as it would be without one. As we listen to that […]