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The Best Acefone Blogs on VoIP You Must Read Right Now!

VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol has seen a rise in popularity over the past few years. Although the global pandemic has played a role in the technology’s demand, VoIP had already taken over business communications, owing to the advanced tools it offers. As the technology grows in popularity and offerings both, so do the […]

Top 9 CRM Software You Can Integrate With Acefone

Integrations seem to be the new buzzword in the business world. Everywhere you turn, there’s someone talking about third-party apps and CRM (customer relationship management) systems that you can use with your cloud telephony solution to take your processes and workflows a notch higher.  While a telephony solution provider like Acefone will allow you to […]

Acefone + Pipedrive Integration: What it Brings to the Table

Laser-focused. The kind of approach that customer interactions require in a highly competitive landscape. Today, every organisation ensures a sophisticated experience for all its customers. They also find new ways to streamline their work processes for the same. Thus, every now and then you’ll hear about new tools and technologies being introduced in the market […]

Significance of Pre-Call Planning Templates for Your Sales Team

A sales call is arguably the most important call for any business. Converting a call into a quality lead is a skill that needs to be mastered by every successful sales agent. Whether it is cold calling or contacting new leads, starting a conversation nervously helps no one. Even a ‘wing it’ attitude won’t always […]

Lord Of The Rings: Reimagining It With The Cloud

“…And nine, nine rings were gifted to the race of Men—who above all else, desire power,” said Galadriel.  Now, what if one of those nine rings came with the power of cloud communication? Lord of the Rings is considered to be one of the greatest stories ever told. While the setting of Middle-Earth is everything […]

Things You Should Look for in a Partnership Programme [Infographic]

A good partnership programme is a win-win for both parties. While one party gains in popularity, customer base, and validation, the other reaps the rewards for their efforts in the form of profits.  Before getting into such an alliance with another entity, the parties must carefully consider the fine prints. A successful symbiotic relationship is […]

Hosting A GIG Isn’t What It Used To Be. It’s Online Now!

The show must go on! We’ve all heard that statement at least once in our lives. However, when CoVID-19 hit the world, it seemed to no longer hold true––after all, everything came to a complete standstill.  This was especially true for the entertainment industry. Shows and events that were scheduled way in advance were cancelled […]

What is Co-Browsing? Is It Something You Need For Better Customer Interactions?

How easy would customer support be if you could be on the same page as the customer, literally? Imagine, you’d be able to guide them to a solution while seeing the exact problem.  What once seemed like a dream too good to be true is now absolutely possible. So, what is co-browsing? In the literal […]

Things You Need To Know About Acefone+Zoho CRM Integration

Opting for a hosted business phone system is always a good idea. Getting it from Acefone is even better! Acefone is the leading cloud communication service provider in the UK, offering tailored solutions to meet all your business needs. From measuring agent performance to monitoring each call, we’ve got it all covered. Similarly, Zoho CRM […]

10 Must Have Tools for Small Businesses [Infographic]

A new business is often loaded up with a lot of different tasks and in order to keep up with those tasks while also maintaining high efficiency in the business, it is crucial to implement helpful tools. With so many applications available to you currently, it can be hard for any business owner to select […]

Frustrated With Your VoIP Service Provider? Choose Acefone

Cloud-based VoIP services have become a major part of business communication around the world. Voice Over Internet Protocol, more commonly known as VoIP has not only made it possible to make cheaper calls using the internet but has also streamlined business processes with the vast variety of features that it offers. If your organisation doesn’t […]

How Free Phone Number Boosts Your Marketing Campaign Even During A Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic is negatively impacting a lot of businesses around the globe. As work from home is being implemented, most businesses have switched to cloud-based solutions to ensure uninterrupted work process. As for the marketing campaigns of your business, it is still possible to reach out to your customers and boost your business’ productivity. […]

Top 7 Best Practices for Remote Working [Infographic]

Remote working is becoming more popular these days and a lot of companies have accepted the idea of remote employees. While working in an office, there are certain rules and regulations you have to follow, but remote working is completely different. This doesn’t mean there are no rules and regulations, but there is no single […]

How Call Conference Keeps Your Team Connected

Nowadays, working from home is becoming a common practice among businesses. Though it can be an effective strategy, there is a chance of it falling apart if proper communication among the team members is absent. Thus, to eliminate the chances of that happening, many organisations take different measures to ensure the connectivity among the team […]

Why Collaboration Is All We Need To Fight Coronavirus and How VoIP Can Help

Coronavirus, or nCOVID-19, is a global pandemic that has been spreading across the globe since early 2020. And it is not something to be taken for granted, it has resulted in lockdown all around the world and people are going through a phase of “Social Distancing.” This means that everyone is either staying at home […]