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Acefone + Pipedrive Integration: What it Brings to the Table

Laser-focused. The kind of approach that customer interactions require in a highly competitive landscape. Today, every organisation ensures a sophisticated experience for all its customers. They also find new ways to streamline their work processes for the same. Thus, every now and then you’ll hear about new tools and technologies being introduced in the market […]

Lord Of The Rings: Reimagining It With The Cloud

“…And nine, nine rings were gifted to the race of Men—who above all else, desire power,” said Galadriel.  Now, what if one of those nine rings came with the power of cloud communication? Lord of the Rings is considered to be one of the greatest stories ever told. While the setting of Middle-Earth is everything […]

How Free Phone Number Boosts Your Marketing Campaign Even During A Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic is negatively impacting a lot of businesses around the globe. As work from home is being implemented, most businesses have switched to cloud-based solutions to ensure uninterrupted work process. As for the marketing campaigns of your business, it is still possible to reach out to your customers and boost your business’ productivity. […]

How Call Conference Keeps Your Team Connected

Nowadays, working from home is becoming a common practice among businesses. Though it can be an effective strategy, there is a chance of it falling apart if proper communication among the team members is absent. Thus, to eliminate the chances of that happening, many organisations take different measures to ensure the connectivity among the team […]