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Top benefits of 0800 and 0808 numbers for businesses.

Doesn’t it feel good to call a company and not have to pay for the call? Aren’t we all more likely to call a free phone number that starts with 0800 or 0808? It’s good to think that the business we reach out to are willing to pay for our time.

And that is exactly what a customer thinks about your business when you own an 0800 or 0808 number!

So, what are 0800 and 0808 numbers?

OK. Let me get into more detail. 0800 and 0808 numbers are called free phone numbers, as they charge nothing for the customers to call, but instead, the company or business they are calling pay for the call.

0800 and 0808 numbers have some fantastic options for businesses too. You can even choose a Gold Number, which is something like 0808-000-111, or you can get yourself a Vanity Number to make your business more attractive and recognisable to the customer, like 0800-SHOE-STORE.

What are the benefits for your business?

For a business, there are many other benefits that come with a free phone 0800 and 0808 number. Let me list down a few of them: –

Easy to Remember

0800 and 0808 numbers are very easily to recognise and to remember. They are easy for your customers to remember compared to a personal phone number. And you can even select a number of your choice if you want (of course, that might cost you a little more, or the availability of the number of options can be a problem).


Having an 0800 or 0808 number will give your business a much more professional look. Customers generally relate a big organisation with these numbers, and this can really help you connect to more people. They will have a higher trust factor for your company as you are bearing the charge to talk to them.

Powerful Marketing Tool

A free phone number such as 0800 and 0808 are very useful marketing tools. They can track and record the data of each call and provide you with the insights. This will really help you improve your marketing campaigns and evaluate each and every customer to get the best results for your business.

Separate Business and Personal Calls

It can be a little annoying when you get your business calls during your personal time. And sometimes, it’s hard to tell if the number you are getting a call from is regarding your business or someone you know. With a business phone number like 0800 or 0808, you can easily separate your business and professional life.

What’s more? If you require, you can redirect your business phones to your personal device, anyone you like. This way, you are always connected to your customers, never miss an urgent call, and even keep your personal and professional life different from each other.

Highly Scalable

Let’s say you are planning to expand your business to different locations. You might need a separate phone number for that particular location so you can keep track of your business more accurately.
With a 0800 number or a 0808 number, you are able to create as many extensions as you want. For example, your business phone number is 0800-456-4561, you can add an extension 0800-456-4562. This not only provides a different number to a different location, but your customers will still relate it to your organisation.

 Should You Get 0800 or 0808 Number for Your Business?

To answer this question, you should first understand your business needs.

Who doesn’t want to improve the performance of their company? Or provide the customers with an optimum experience, while also gathering necessary data?

A free phone number gives any business credibility while improving their marketing campaigns, giving a boost to the ROI. When a customer sees your business phone number anywhere, say a billboard, or on the television, it will be very easy for them to recall it.

If you have any questions related to 0800 or 0808 business numbers, please call a Solutions Consultant at 0800-084-3663.

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