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Guide To Calling US To UK

Many businesses in the United Kingdom work closely with organisations in the US, being two of the most influential Western powers. If your business is frequently calling the US, you need to find a way to hold these transactions at minimal costs and with the maximum quality.

Another important consideration is the time difference between the UK and the US. The last thing you want to do is call at an unsociable hour and ruin a potential deal.

This blog helps you explore all the aspects you need to know to make successful calls from the UK phones to the US. These aspects are discussed below.

1. Use the right dialling codes

To make a call from the UK to the US, you need to follow certain international dialling formats. The format mentioned below allows you to call any number—landline or mobile phone—in the US. 

To call the United States of America from the United Kingdom, dial:

  • 00 – 1 – Area Code – Land Phone Number
  • 00 – 1 – 10 Digit Mobile Number

All you need is to add the number of the business or person you are trying to connect with to this template, and you are ready to connect. This can be done from a traditional office phone, mobile phone or even your hosted phone system.

With a hosted phone system, you can make international calls to anywhere in the world, including the US. These calls can be made on any device with an Internet connection and can often offer a more reliable connection to the US than a standard landline phone would. 

This also means that you can make the call on the go. Considering the time difference, this benefit becomes increasingly useful. You need not stay at the office till the wee hours to connect with your international contacts.

2. Check the time before calling

Not only does the US have a different time zone than the UK, but it also has different zones within the country. Depending on the coast you have business with, you need to be mindful of the timings.  

Check the time zone of wherever you are calling, and make sure your meetings are synced well. This will avoid any awkward conversations between you and your American clients.

With a hosted phone system, you can make detailed notes for all customer accounts, which are accessible by all your agents through an online portal. These notes can be used to detail the time zone of the customer and other such preferences so that whoever is making the call has all the information they need to hold a successful meeting.

3. Keep costs down

With the hosted phone system, all your calls are made over the Internet. This means that your calls, even long-distance ones, are much cheaper compared to when they are made over a traditional telephone line.

Therefore, if you frequently dabble in international networking with American firms or clients, you can enjoy significant savings with a cloud solution at your disposal. Business owners or managers can keep an eye on costs wherever they are through the admin’s portal. 

The online portal gives you access to all kinds of information, such as your performance, plans, usage, and much more. If you find any bottlenecks or wastage of resources, you can simply upgrade or downgrade the plan in a jiffy. 

4. Ensure your connection is strong

Nothing is worse for business than a weak connection. If your clients and agents can’t hear each other’s voice, it’s difficult to do business. To remain professional and keep your connection strong, investing in a hosted phone system is necessary. With Internet-enabled connectivity, you can communicate with anyone in the world—at crystal clear quality.  

Your connection isn’t limited to your official premises, you can take your hosted phone system anywhere with you. All it takes is a compatible device with an internet connection and you can enjoy the same high-quality communication. 

You are free to do business wherever your customers are based, hire remote workers in the US, or even create local numbers to allow your clients to call you cheaply.

It is as simple as ensuring that you have the right area code, use the correct dialling code, and you are connected to the US in seconds!

This is the age of complete globalisation. Open your mind and business to international connections by taking your operations to the cloud.

If you’d like to find out more about calling the US from your hosted phone system in the UK, call us today on 1888-859-0450.

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