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Missed call marketing use cases


Taking your business ahead is all about forging strong connections with your customers and this is best done by being available for them. Over the years, organizations have explored numerous ways to enhance telephonic communication.

The idea is to be available to your customers whenever they need to connect for resolution of their concerns and solutions to their problems. Businesses adopt a range of tools for this purpose, and these range from toll free numbers to IVR, virtual numbers and more.

The missed call solutions have emerged as an essential strategy. and missed call marketing is finding widespread popularity these days. In business terminology, missed call marketing refers to marketing products or services using a phone number where customers give a missed call.

The call is disconnected automatically after a few rings and the business records the response for diverse purposes. While the customer support agents can retrieve the caller numbers and call them back to reconnect, there is much more this data can be used for. Let us highlight the most amazing use cases of missed call service for businesses.

Use case #1: User Registration

User registration is something that businesses need to do as a part of normal activities such as giving subscription for services or onboarding users to participate in an event. The process may require massive manpower and resources if done in the conventional way. Distributing one missed call number for the users is a smarter alternative. Registration is completed with an auto reply with registration link, which means that you can save time and avoid complications.

Use case #2: User Verification

Businesses can also use missed calls for user verification as well.  For some organizations that deal in online payments and transactions, like banks and ecommerce sellers, it is important to verify the clients and the activities created by them. With a missed call solution, it becomes easy to substitute initiatives like Mobile number verification, OTP and user confirmation. The callers just give you a missed call and you can verify them using their phone number. You have a smarter affirmation system without spending a fortune!

Use case #3: Call Back Service

Another smart way benefit of missed call marketing is in the form of a Call Back Service. Whenever a caller leaves a missed call, you get notified via email and text message and you can call them back to reconnect. So technically, you never miss out on prospective customers, even if you miss their calls at any point in time. This makes it an excellent customer engagement strategy.

Use case #4: Review & Feedback

Reviews and feedback are significant because they bring the opportunity to improve your products and services. Additionally, they help in understanding customer expectations and showcasing patterns. Getting genuine reviews and feedback from your customers becomes easy with a missed call solution. Getting reviews is as easy as providing different missed call numbers for various options that callers can call to share their opinions and answers. What’s more, it also simplifies building, analyzing and managing the caller database.

Use case #5: Voting & Contests

Voting and contests are widely used by businesses as a part of their branding initiatives. They are used by political parties for campaigning as well. However, gathering reactions from live events requires a great deal of manual effort and time if left to a traditional polling and counting system. Missed call service, combined with an integrated CRM, can go a long way in addressing this challenge and providing reliable and accurate data with a fraction of work. Moreover, it is possible to run different contests by using a single missed call number, that too, with the same dashboard.

Use case #6: Opt-in list building

Another business use case of missed call marketing is in the form of opt-in list building. The business can publish a Toll-Free number and request the customers to give a missed call for being a part of an opt-in list building procedure. Only those who give a missed call voluntarily will be a part of the database or list that you will be using to send across messages and emails as a part of the future marketing campaigns.

Final Words

Considering these use cases of missed call marketing, it is clear that missed call service can be used in a number of ways and provides many benefits. The fact that it can be used to unlock new sales opportunities makes it a smart choice for businesses. The best part is that it is far easier to implement and cost-effective as compared to the conventional marketing initiatives. So, it definitely makes sense to implement one of these use cases, based on your requirements.

This can be best done by collaborating with a missed call service provider you can trust.

Acefone is a leading provider that offers top-notch services and solutions to businesses looking to empower themselves with better customer communication.

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