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How To Turn Customers Into Promoters

In the busy 21st century, everyone is running out of time. Technology, therefore, has to be constantly improved to meet the demands of the masses and allow them to do more work in less time. In the business world, every second of attention to your product counts, and so it is now far more essential to make the best use of the technology.

To effectively combine technology with business management, cloud-based telephony companies have come up with smart solutions like Missed Call Service, SMS Alerts, and others to keep your customers updated without significant time investment.

People across the world are using Missed Call Service for a variety of reasons which goes in proportional to their personal & professional needs. Let’s look at some of the compelling features of this service which can help you gain more customers with minimal efforts:

1) Optimization of Time  

Save your potential customers from the pain of filling up lengthy forms. Instead, ask them to give a missed call on your number, and let your agents give them a call back to understand their requirements.

This saves you many disappointed customers who might face a tough time connecting with your agents. The ease of connecting to your leads without adding an extra burden of money or time caters to a large number of potential customers, who can be either a small-town farmer having a basic phone or a business owner having very less time.

2) Verification of Data

According to research, 15.4 million consumers have been the victim of identity theft in 2016. Fraudulent practices over the internet have always been a cause of worry for the enterprise owners while running their businesses through an online platform. Missed Call Service is providing a protective shield to these enterprises by authenticating every approaching customer.

You can ask potential customers to give a missed call if they are really interested in your service or you can ask them to give a missed call to verify their details. As soon as a customer makes a missed call, the IVR automatically verifies the number with its intelligently designed algorithms. This feature is particularly helpful to filter out the unwanted and spam calls to enter your system.

Restaurants and other businesses can use this feature to verify customers opting for Cash on Delivery option. If a caller inputs incorrect data on your application or website, then sending them your product may incur a huge cost.

Hence, a missed call service verifying a customer’s authentication through their mobile number can save a lot of money and avoid delays in your services.

3) Flexibility

In 2017 February, India’s telecom subscriber base touched the 1.18 billion mark including mobile & landline users. So, connecting with your customers over landline phones still remains a count which cannot be overlooked.

Here, missed call service becomes worthier for the business owners as customers from the platform can reach out to you through a missed call, leaving no target customers untouched. This feature in specific helps in reaching out to non-tech savvy customers or customers residing in remote places. They can give a missed call to your cloud-based number to show their interest in your products.

It’s flexibility to provide varied functionalities increases its usability and flexibility to be used in different of ways.  Integration of the missed call data with CRM enhances your follow-up process, as it stores your missed call contacts in the database along with their follow-up log.

4) Cost Effectiveness

Missed Call Service also comes easy on the customer’s wallet. Internet-based and SMS-based campaigns incur costs. A Missed Call-based Campaign, on the other hand, costs nothing at all and yet works in an equally effective manner.

Cost-effectiveness makes missed call service attractive to the potential customers. As customers face no restriction while approaching you.

5) Conduct Surveys

Sending an SMS to participate in a poll has always been a costly affair for the voters. Spending 3rs/vote acted as a barrier to the process of voting which eventually started affecting customer’s enthusiasm.

Stepping in here, missed call service greatly revolutionised the e-voting & surveys. It simplified the whole process by replacing the message responses with a missed call response.

SMS voting only allowed the customers with a mobile phone to participate. The introduction of missed call voting overcame this setback as well and allowed customers with landlines to be an active participant of surveys/polls.

6) Lead Generation

Generating leads is essential to any profit-oriented enterprise. Here, Missed call service acts as a bonus for your sales team. Facilitating your customers with the option of missed call organically inclines them towards your service, as now their process of approaching you becomes hassle-free and eliminates many intermediate levels of communication.

RoI of missed call lead generation is easily trackable against various marketing campaigns. It also enhances your lead management process and keeps you updated of customers who could be re-targeted in future.

If you would like to get an easy to use, reliable and economical missed call service of impeccable quality for your company.  Call Now.

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