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IP phones using business phone numbers to for calling

Choosing the right business phone number for your company can significantly impact your brand’s accessibility and reach. Indian Businesses often find themselves asking– Should we opt for a toll free number for business or a local landline number? Understanding the nature, the pros and cons of each number is crucial to make informed decisions that align with your business goals.  

What is a Business Toll Free Number? 

A toll free number is a business phone number that allows callers to reach a business for zero call charges. When a person dials a toll-free number, the toll free number owner bears the cost of the call rather than the caller. 

Toll free numbers in India begin with the prefix 1800 and are popular as 1800 numbers and 1800 toll free numbers. Businesses commonly use these numbers to facilitate communication with leads, clients, or partners. 1800 numbers let companies offer a free means of calling for customers, irrespective of their location within India.

What is a Local Landline Number? 

A local landline number is linked to a specific area or region. Unlike toll free numbers, you can identify local numbers by area codes corresponding to localities. 

Local numbers let you build a presence in specific regions and let customers call you without long-distance charges. Businesses targeting specific Indian regions to connect with their audiences often use local landline numbers. It helps them foster a sense of community engagement among their customers.

Pros of 1800 Numbers


1800 Toll free numbers for business offer several advantages: 

Professional Image

They project a professional and established image for the business. 1800 numbers convey a sense of credibility and trustworthiness, which can be crucial in attracting customers. 

National Availability 

1800 toll free numbers enable businesses to cater to a nationwide audience. With zero call charges, 1800 numbers encourage customers from across the country to contact them. This expands the business’s reach beyond its local area. 

Easy to Recall 

1800 Toll free numbers are easier for customers to remember. For instance, regular numbers like +918843257809 will take longer to be memorized as compared to 1800 numbers like 1800-22-2345. This can lead to increased recall value and have a higher likelihood of customers reaching out to your business. 

Marketing Campaigns 

Toll free phone numbers can become a part of a business’s branding strategy. Use of catchy or brand-specific toll free numbers in advertising campaigns can enhance brand recognition and recall value. 

Customer Services 

Businesses use toll-free numbers commonly for support helpline. Having a dedicated toll-free line for customer inquiries or support improves customer satisfaction and retention for small businesses. 

Cost-Effective Communication 

Toll-free business numbers can encourage more customer engagement for your business. While it enhances engagement, it also potentially increases call volumes and sales inquiries.


Cons of 1800 Numbers

While toll-free business numbers offer numerous benefits, there are some drawbacks that small business owners must consider: 

Cost to the Business

Toll-free numbers do bring expenses for the owner business. While callers don’t pay for the calls, your business bears the cost of incoming calls. This cost may potentially accumulate during peak seasons because of high inbound call volume.  

Potential Spam & Junk Calls 

Toll-free numbers can potentially attract unwanted calls, including spam or non-serious inquiries. Sorting through such calls can consume the agents’ time, impacting their overall productivity. 

Lack of Local Presence 

While toll-free numbers facilitate national presence, they might lack the local connection that small businesses desire. This could potentially affect customer relationships in areas where a local touch is crucial. 

Dependency on Toll Free Service Provider 

Businesses relying on toll free numbers are dependent on toll free service providers for their functionality and maintenance. Any service interruptions or issues could impact communication with customers.  

Pros of Local Landline Numbers


Local landline numbers can be beneficial for small businesses as they let them tailor their services for specific regions. They offer some advantages for small business owners in India, they are:

Local Connection

Local landline numbers help you establish an intimate presence between you and your target audience. Having a local landline number can make your business more relatable and appealing to local customers within that locality. 

Personalized Approach 

Local numbers can convey a more personal touch, fostering stronger connections with customers. It shows the involvement of your business in the local community, which can be a significant selling point for you.

Geographic Relevance 

A local landline number can enhance the relevance and understanding of local needs for small businesses. It helps them target specific local markets and personalize their services according to the local trends.

Cons of Local Landline Numbers

While beneficial in many ways, local landline numbers also come with certain limitations for small business owners: 

Geographic Restriction 

Local landline numbers are tied to specific Indian areas because of their area codes. This limitation can slow down businesses looking to expand beyond their local region or cater to a national audience.

Limited Reach 

Small businesses relying strictly on local landline numbers might miss out on national customers, outside their immediate area. This limitation can be a challenge if the business aims to attract a wider customer base. 

Perceived Size

Relying only on a local number might create a smaller, less professional, and outdated impression for your business. This perception might not align with your business’s aspirations or brand image. 

Call Costs for Customers 

Local calls within the same area code might not incur additional charges. However, customers outside that area might face long-distance charges, potentially discouraging them from calling. 

Scalability Challenges 

If you are planning to expand your business, you might find it cumbersome to do so. Changing your local phone number or getting new local numbers in every area you target can become a challenge. 

Zero Additional Features

Due to the analog nature of landline numbers, there are zero features associated with these numbers, limiting the customer’s communication experience. Simple features such as viewing call forwarding and call waiting are also not supported by landline numbers.

Should You Get an 1800 or Local landline number for Your Business?


The decision to choose between a toll free or local number ultimately depends on your objectives and target audience. While you make your decision, considering the given points can help you choose wisely: 

Business Nature 

If your business operates primarily on a larger scale, a toll-free number could be the right choice. On the contrary, if local connections are crucial for your services, a local number might be better. 

Target Audience 

Understanding your target demographic is key. If your customers are spread across the country, a toll-free number could enhance accessibility. Conversely, for businesses deeply rooted in a specific community, a local number might foster stronger connections.  

Brand Image 

Consider the image you wish to portray. Is your aim to appear larger and more established? Or do you want to emphasize a local and personalized touch.


The Verdict  

There is no one-size-fits-all answer. 1800 numbers offer scalability and flexible communication between agents and customers. This feature gives your business a technological advantage, securing your position in the future market. While both options can be beneficial, getting a 1800 toll free number for your business can save you costs exponentially, while giving you access to premium features and unlimited scalability. 

Choosing the right business phone number, be it an 1800 toll free number or a local landline number, can significantly impact your customer interactions and overall brand perception. If you wish to get 1800 toll free numbers for your business, feel free to reach out to our experts’ team via calls at 1888 859 0450

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